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Can someone tell me if it is normal about pills MedroxyProgesterone?

I went to a gynecologist back earlier this month on February 8th, 2018 to get a pap smear done. My menstrual cycle was completely irregular in which I had from January 3rd, 2018 to January 6th, 2018 and then started up again on January 11, 2018 and went through all the way until February 5th, 2018. The gynecologist prescribed me 10 pills of MedroxyProgesterone with a 10 day supply and only said that this would regulate my periods. However, the one thing the gynecologist failed to mention is that I would start up again between 24 to 72 hours of the last pill I had taken. Also, another thing is that I wasn't told that I would have 2 to 3 days of heavy bleeding, cramping, and/or blood clots. I already had a pap smear, pelvic exam, and mammogram done and it all came back as normal results. In addition, I have Epilepsy Seizures, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Stomach Ulcer, and Acid Reflux. I am 40 and just need some questions answered. Is it normal for the MedroxyProgesterone pills to literally flush out my uterus in order for me to have regular periods? Is changing my pad every 3 to 4 hours normal? Is it natural that when I stand up blood is supposed to come out as leakage or clots? Any answers to my questions are greatly appreciated.
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Argh, not sure why your doctor just viewed what is going on with you as a short term issue.  What about another doctor?  Seriously.  I would want to see someone else. You may have an ongoing imbalance that needs a longer term solution than a 10 day progesterone pill.  My mother, unfortunately, had to take medication permanently to keep herself from bleeding non stop.  What a pain!  Hope that is not the case for you but since you immediately start bleeding again and heavily, I would in all sincerity go right back to the doctor and say this is unacceptable.  Clots are normal--  rule of thumb is if they are bigger than a quarter, they are too big and should be mentioned to the doctor.  Let me know if you can get to the doctor in the near future and what they say, okay?!  Your experience could help a lot of others going through this.
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