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Can someone tell me what are those growths looking at the picture?

I suddenly felt the skin under my vaginal opening as hard one morning and I could see there is growth there. https://ibb.co/xgNL7vK Could anyone help me with it? I am feeling worried, there is no itching or pain, its just feels rough.
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Hello.  I agree you should get checked out and if you have had sexual activity, look into hpv.  There are other lumps and bumps we ladies get too.  Here's an article to look at which talks about that.  https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/vaginal-lumps-bumps  We have a bunch of glands in that area and if one gets clogged, a cyst can form.  We can also get fordyce spots which are a build up in that area too.  These both are normally harmless.  I'd get them checked out.  
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If you have had sexual activity, it could be genital warts.
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