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Can you be pregnant and still have a normal period??

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. For the last three months in a row I have had light pinkish spotting a couple days before my period is supposed to start and it comes with nausea and just a blah feeling. I still end up getting my period on time and it's normal the only thing that is not normal is this spotting I have been having and especially the nausea! It's getting old. The spotting usually only lasts a day or two and then my period eventually starts and is about 4 days long. I am 28, not on BC pills.
Also today what really got me thinking, is that I woke up as dizzy as I have ever been (I never get dizzy and have never fainted.)  I am perfectly fine, not sick or anything...so it made me think of my friend who had been dizzy during her pregnancy...don't know if I am reading into this more than what is there.  Also I have been constipated (I know too much information :) but the only times in my life I have been like this is when I was pregnant or just after giving birth.  I have also noticed a little weight gain.
I just wanted some opinions as I can't afford a doctors bill right now, nor a pregnancy test for that matter.  So can you be pregnant and still get a period or am I just having wishful thinking...
Thank you,
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Well, to answer the original question, yes you can spot and be pregnant. No you cannot have a "normal" period and be pregnant as a period is the shedding of your uterine lining and would then sweep away the developing embryo.

As far as the rest of it, I am a SAHM of 3, yes count them 3 children ages 5, 2 and 3 months. We are working on one income that is not considered grand by anyones standards and yet I have never been unable to purchase a test, pack of diapers, or the like. In fact, we are about to close on our first house at the end of the month. Priorities are a must and perhaps one of the biggest for us is good health insurance. To not have even a simgle dollar to purchase a test is a scary thought, what happens if someone gets sick,what happens if someone gets hurt? Please consider this before trying to have more children.

BTW, my children are also amongst the most polite and respectful you will ever meet, but they also have the security of knowing tht their needs can be met financially as well. It has taken a lot of hard work and planning  and even more the personal sacrifices we have made to get where we are. We have had our struggles, but with due diligence, we have re-established our priorities and made things work. Please stop hiding behind the one income excuse and take a srtep back and look at what you wrote and how that looks to the other people here. You want another child but cannot afford a dollar test.

Forgive the typing errors, it is tough to type and nurse a wiggling baby!
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Yes, there are a lot of...not very kind people on here.

look it up on the net. their are many places that way you have what a period while pg.  this is one I found and there are many more

"I had a period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Everytime I went to the doctor, they did an ultra sound and everything was ok. I now have a 3 month old baby boy who weighs 18 pounds. My blood was always old looking, brown or brownish-red in color. My doctors told me to worry if it was bright red, and if there was alot of it, with severe cramping involved. And remember, if something does happen, that is our bodies way of helping us deliver strong healthy babies."

Get advise from dr.s some fourms You can talk with a Dr. and not people that will put you down. But one thing you can do is save up all your change in a jar when you get enough buy a test or if you have thrift stores around see if they will give you some money for old clothes.

Good Luck!!
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don't be discouraged,I am not judging you.I can testify to the fact trying to save on money with only one pay check coming in,it can be frustrating but it is workable.
keep your head up.
I gave honor to any mom that stays home and raise there child that is a full time job all by itself.
Be encouraged. God will continue to make a way
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Who is judging her? All the others said was to either take a test or go to the doctor.  Do you have some other accurate way to tell her if she's pregnant?
Low income or not, there are inexpensive ways to answer this question.  
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judgemental? you say you cant afford a $7 test, and you know how expensive a baby can be, so why do you feel judged that we cant believe you would prevent a pg if you live on paycheck to paycheck? if you were pg how would you pay for another baby?? nobody said you were a bad mother. nobody said anything BUT maybe you should be more careful (its  VERY easy to avoid pregnancy) if you cant afford it right now. so we didnt give you the balloon and flower answer of oh yes you must be!! some of us live in the real world and understand the cost factor. if we cant afford it, we dont do it!

garden of roses or whatever, you must be new, the question i cant afford a test but might be pg is a dime a dozen around here. some of us dont sugar coat or give false hope it will be ok. i tell you id rather have someone tell me the truth, rather than make me think having not an extra ten bucks is ok to have a child! i most certainly would never have one and expect the gov. to pay for it.
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No,you can't have a "normal period" and still be pregnant.  A menstrual period, by the definition of the word, only occurs when you AREN'T pregnant.  But you can have bleeding that is often mistaken for a period.  Many women bleed during pregnancy.

Well, I guess if you can't afford to go to the doctor or shell out a couple of dollars for a test, you're out of luck so far as answers go.  You'll just have to wait until you can save up enough for a cheap pregnancy test.  Some places have them for a cuple of dollars.  That shouldn't take you too long.
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You want to be pg, but can't afford a pg test?  You do know a single pack of diapers costs more than a pg test, right?
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28 years old and you can't afford a pregnancy test? Do you have a Dollar Tree? They cost a dollar at Dollar Tree. Pick up some aluminum cans and recycle them and earn $1.

Or go to a Planned Parenthood and ask for an exam and pregnancy test.
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Not if you use Dollar Store Diapers.  

It's all the same there.  
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Gee Thanks, you've all been really helpful...  :S
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You're right, I'm sorry.  In my opinion, you're just having wishful thinking.  You'll need a doctor's examination to explain the symptoms.
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Will opinions really help a lot in determining if you're pregnant?
If you really can't afford a pregnancy test or a doctor, I guess you should just keep an eye out for the emergence of a baby.  It's pretty hard to miss.

In all seriousness, yes you can bleed during pregnancy and think it's a period. You will have to either A)Take a test or B)Go to the doctor.

The test is probably gonna be the cheaper of the two options, and will give you an answer sooner than just watching for the baby to come out.
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