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Candida Diet...?

Hi!  I just have a question about this "yeast-free diet" that someone posted about earlier.

I've been dealing with a recurrent yeast infection, which then turned into BV, and then back into a yeast infection.  So I read the post below about persistent yeast infections and saw the post about eliminating yeast from your diet.

So anyway, I did a search online and found a list of yeast-free foods and a list of foods that are not allowed on a Candida Diet.  I started this diet 3 days ago and my symptoms are almost completely gone.

My question now is... how long do I have to stay on this diet?  I started it hoping it would work, which it seems to have done, but with the holidays coming up, I don't know if I'll be able to avoid all the foods that I'm not supposed to eat.  If I eat foods with yeast, will my yeast infection come back?

I'd appreciate any advice on this...thanks!
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You can also buy vitamins on the internet that should give you what you are missing. I don't get YI but I commonly get BV so I kinda understand what you are going through. Do a search and maybe that will help as far as the diet I am not sure.
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i had this problem last month and went to a nutrionalist at a health food store and she recommended acidophilus on a daily basis.  i also started eating kim chi, which i had to get used to (its a spicy korean fermented cabbage dish) but it contains the good bacteria in it.  i would think if you do things in moderation (anything not on your list) you should be ok, but our bodies ph levels are constantly changing and everythin effects that.  same w/ our bacteria levels.  maybe go to your local health food store and ask some questions.  they usually have a nutritionalist on site.
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  Hi, I am new to to this site and just read your post.....I was told to look up the yeast free thing,,,,I am in such pain all the time and...OH, long story,,,,Anyway, I don't ever get a yeast infection, ever.....So what would yeast have to do with me being in pain?
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