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Cant pee or difficult to pee

2 weeks ago i had  sex immediately after i got home it started to get difficult to pee because  it  hurts. Alot. After i pee i have a senstation where i think i still need to pee but nothing comes out. Then after a week it started to hurt less but its still there. Then my boyfriend fingered me and it hurts even more  than last time.
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So, this sounds like a urinary tract infection.  Sorry, hon.  That needs to be treated with antibiotics.  We get it when a small amount of bacteria, often from fecal matter, gets in our urinary tract.  This can happen from touching anus and then that area after without washing hands (like in your boyfriend doing this) or improper wiping when you have a bowel movement.  You need to go to your doctor or a clinic to due a urine test to see if it is a uti and get antibiotics.  good luck
Thank you thats so helpful.
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