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Cervicitis caused by STD but why is partner negative?

I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (pid). I was treated and tested for all stds. All tests came back negative. During my follow-up appointment, the gyno said that even though my tests were negative the PID still could have been caused by an STD. I told my partner at the time and he got tested for all stds as well. After all of his tests came back negative, we had unprotected sex. Weeks after having sex, the symptoms came back (foul thick discharge, smelly urine, itchiness). I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis (bv). I was tested again for all stds and was negative once again.  I was prescribed flagyl and symptoms went away while I was taking it. After finishing flagyl, I had unprotected sex with a new partner who is now my boyfriend. After having unprotected sex with him, the symptoms came back and worsened. I was then diagnosed with cervicitis, which is also caused by an std. I was tested once again for all stds (trich, herpes, syphilis, hiv/aids, chlamydia, gonorrhea) and they all came back negative. My boyfriend has also been tested for all stds and he has come back negative for everything as well. We have both been tested from urine and blood. Is it possible that my symptoms have been caused by an STD and the tests jus can't catch it? Does my boyfriend need treatment as well? If so, how do I get treatment for him?
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PID and cervicitis aren't always caused by STDs. They can be caused by BV -




BV isn't sexually transmitted, but for some women, having sex can increase the chances of getting it. The vagina is really a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria, and sex can upset that. Also, if you are douching after sex, or washing with soaps/feminine washes after, that could be causing it.

This is a decent article about it - http://contemporaryobgyn.modernmedicine.com/contemporary-obgyn/news/recurrent-vulvovaginitis-tips-treating-common-condition?page=full

Basically, if you get recurring BV, try paying attention to what you are doing that might be causing it - douching, try using condoms, get your partner treated (though there isn't a lot of evidence to support that, but it may help and abstain from sex during treatment), wash with an unscented, delicate soap like Ivory or Dove, use unscented/unprinted toilet paper, etc. Some women can only wear 100% cotton undies.

I hope this helps and good luck! BV is no fun at all!
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