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Chances of ovulating right after you stop taking birth control

I've recently stopped taking birth control due to personal reasons, and I've read that it takes a while to ovulate and get your period.

Little did I know, I ended up getting my period 1-2 days after I stopped taking the pill.

Keep in mind I usually have a 26 day (irregular) cycle and I was only around 2 weeks into the birth control.

My questions is:
Is it normal to have your period that early after I stopped taking the pill? & What are the odds of it being ovulation bleeding (ovulating on your period)?
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Birth control contains a lot of hormones- all women's bodies deal with going on or off those hormones in different ways.  I've known women to have a period right after getting off the pill and others who it seemed to take forever to ovulate, while others it's only a month until they have a period.  

It's about near impossible to tell if you are ovulating without something like an ovulation test, and even those can be difficult to get accurate (depending on time of day you take them etc.)

Are you hoping to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy?  
I'm hope to avoid pregnancy.

I know this will sound ridiculous but I've become paranoid due to a recent sexual interaction with my bf. We were in the shower together and he had pre-ejaculate fluid on his fingers but before fingering me he rinsed it off with the water from the shower handle. Assuming that he didn't properly wash his fingers, I was paranoid considering there would be a possibility of pregnancy from pre-ejaculate fluid.

Besides coming off birth control other factors to consider would be that, I was on the last day of my period (June 27th) when this happened and the first day was June 22nd. I'm expected to have my next period around July 17-20th, but I've had my wisdoms taken out on June 30th which has caused minor stress in my for me (Idk if this can either increase or decrease the chances of getting pregnant due to the side effects I'm receiving through HydroCodone or it's just me stressing out).

With that being said, I'm just hoping that I'm not pregnant and will have my period sooner or later.
Based on your knowledge what would be the odds of someone having an ovulation period or even just ovulating, once you stop taking the birth control

I've read it roughly happens around the middle of your cycle or 2-4 weeks after your period
You can't have gotten pregnant from fingering, so don't worry about that.   As far as odds for if you are ovulating, I can't really say- every woman is really so different, especially when they are coming off of hormonal birth control.  If pregnancy is your concern though, and you only had the fingering incident, you are safe.  
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It definitely can happen.  When someone starts ovulating after birth control is really a mystery.  Some women take a long time and others do so right away.  However, you probably didn't get your period but had spotting.  Just like you would during the off pills of your BC pack.  When you take a hormone, it causes a certain balance.  I you stop taking it, it changes the balance and you spot.  It doesn't necessarily mean you've started ovulating yet.  

But you can't get pregnant from fingering in the shower.  good luck
Could it also be withdrawal bleeding by any chance?
could be.  
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Update: I've recently been having abdominal pain and diarrhea lately, but this maybe because I'm beginning to ovulate since it's roughly the middle of my cycle. I'm expected to have my period around July 22nd.
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