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Chances of pregnancy or hormonal disorder

Hello. I started taking birth control pills in Septemeber for two months, but I stopped for a month, I know that was not the best but I did it because I was feeling terrible and was under antibiotics which were making me feel depressed. I started again the pill three weeks ago. I got my period on Sunday afternoon (very light spotting, strong blood at night) so I started the pill next day at 10 am because I wanted to start in the morning. I haven't missed a pill. However, I started having strong breast pain since two weeks ago and on friday/saturday I had light brown vaginal mucus. I'm very scared of being pregnant. I've taken a pregnancy test on friday and today, and both are negative, but I don't know if it's too soon. Is there a chance that I'm pregnant?
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So, I've had similar symptoms to you and it was hormonal.  Adding and subtracting hormones to our system is going to do that.  But being pregnant is also adding hormones to your body and that is why some women spot and some get breast tenderness in early pregnancy.  However, they normally have to be far enough along (it doesn't start immediately) to have hormones build in pregnancy.  The first symptom I had with both of my pregnancies was extreme fatigue. I found out right as my period was due with both so was really early. You can normally get an accurate pregnancy test around 2.5 weeks after sex.  You may be, as Annie says, a little bit early.  But in all honesty, I sincerely think this is due to the switch on and off and back on of your pill. Take the test again in a few days and if negative, see if your period comes.  And your doctor can always do a blood test.  :>)  Let us know!
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It doesn't really sound like it. When was the last time you had sex in relation to taking the pregnancy tests?
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two weeks (+2days) ago (I took the test today).
Unless you took the test with super diluted urine, it should be accurate by this point.
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