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Chromosone matching

Does matching Chromosones in a man and woman cause miscarriges or infertility. Someone told my wife this and I have never heard of it. They said for us to go get tested to see if our chromosones match cause this could cause us not to get pregnant
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miscarriges are cause my many things but ive not heard nothing about Chromosones causing any problems. are the both of you fertil? i would go and see the Dr. and see what he or she has to say good luck on the baby making.
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We are going to. She was determined to believe her mom but I have always heard we all have X and Y and that's it. How could they not match? I am confused
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Hello, My husband and I are going throught the same question because the nurse told me that we should go check our Chromosones because we had 2 stillbirths and they couldn't find the cause so the nurse suggested that we go get our Chromosones checked out.And I too was confused but we're going to see the doctor this week.
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This can cause stillbirths and miscarriages. However, sometimes chromosomal abnormalities are spontaneous and not necessarily produced in each egg or sperm making it difficult to detect abnormalities in testing of the mother and the father.  For example, I am perfectly normal with XX chromosomes. While my brother got an extra Y chromosome from my father AND an extra X chromosome from my mother resulting in him having XXYY Syndrome. Only 5% of individuals with XXYY Syndrome survive - the others result in miscarriages.

It is good that you are getting chromosomal testing done and I hope they find an answer to your problems. I can only imagine how hard this has been on you both. Best wishes.
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