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Chronic Yeast Infections & BV Infections Why?

Why am I getting yeast infections all the time?  I finally get rid of it and then after about a week or so, it's back.  I have followed my doctors advice thoroughly, used ALL of the medications, stopped taking baths(only showers now), wear only cotton underwear during the day and sleep without underwear at night and I still get them.  To make matters worse, I get rid of a yeast infection last week, only to develop BV this week?  What can I do?  My husband does NOT want to have sex with me because of the odor and discharge.  I am at my wits end.  Please help.
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If you've tried everything else, I've seen good reviews on something called Yeast Guard.  It's supposed to restore your natural healthy vaginal flora.  On the theory that a disruption in the healthy vaginal flora results in over-growth of bad microorganisms, this product is supposed to bring it back in balance.  I haven't tried it, but I've seen enough women rave about it that it might be worth a try. Good luck.
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Are you on the pill? I used to have chronic yeast infections for years in my early twenties. Like you, I followed my doctor's advice and was very careful but nothing helped until I stopped taking the pill (it has something to do with the artificial estrogen). So if that could be the reason, you might want to talk to your doctor about alternative methods of contraception. As Vera676 suggested, there are bacterial cultures (the same that are already ocurring naturally in your vagina) that you can get at pharmacies and that help ward of further yeast infections. Did your partner ever participate in the treatment? Otherwise you have a so-called ping-pong effect where he continues to infect you, every time you have sex. Another thing you might want to try is to cut down on the sugar (and generally refined carbohydrates in your diet) because yeast feeds off that stuff. It's not a bad thing to hold off sex for a while (it *****, I know) but you should give yourself a chance to recover. Stress doen't help either of course, does it ever? Good luck! All I can tell you is, I was having the same problem for years until I was about 25 but I didn't have a single yeast infection for the past 7 years, so, don't despair!!!
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Me too. I took metronidazole fort bv and took diflucan, and got yeast and on and on it went. Except my husband has sex with me anyway. It's really awful.
I was prescribed boric acid once. And this was the only thing that worked. Good luck getting rid of that nasty. And good luck to myself as well~
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