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Chronic itchy spot on exterir labia majora

In December of 09, fissures appeared on the left side of my labia majora it was accompanied by terrible itching on my my labia majora, minora and clitoris.   I also had 4 small hard bumps that appeared at the time on by sides of the labia majora.   I immediately went to the local clinic and they could not figure out what was going on.  It was so painful it was difficult to sit or walk.    I went in to see my physician the next day but the fissures were gone.  She could feel the bumps and felt they were cysts and would go away.  She thought that I might have had a contact dermatitis.   Over the next month the bumps dissapeared and the itching got better.   The only thing that was left was a terrible chronic ithing at the site of one of the bumps on my labia majora, between the the outer lip and the where the pubic hair begins.  
After three months of terrible chronic itching.  I went back and was tested for

Every STD   Negative
2 full lab panels including heavy metals, everything normal except that I have High Levels of Arsenic in my system   98
Everyone found this extremely odd and we have been trying to find the source.
She decided to send me to a vulvar specialits at UCSF.
The specialist sent me home with a bottle of A&D cream.
I used it for several months 3 or 4 times a day.  It helped a bit while I was using it but it is very smelly and as soon as I stop I am actually worse.
I have tried steriod creams - didn't work.

Finally I went back to my physician who biopsied the area - Negative.

I only wear white cotton underwear
I use detergent free dyes
I don't wash with soap
I try and was my hair seperately so I don't get the shampoo on my vaginal area.
I even changed my toilet paper which seemed to help a bit.
I now rinse myself off after I urinate and blot with a clean towel.
I blow dry the area to keep it dry.
There isn't anything that I have not tried.
I take baths and gently clean the folds.

This has been going on for almost a year and is destroying my life.  I have had sex with my husband twice in 9 months.  I can only wear skirts and very loose pants.  I can't exercise which has resulted in weight gain.  I am 5'4" used to weigh 115 now I weigh 130.  I cannot ride a bike or ride our horses.

I have trouble sleeping and working I don't scratch the area but it drives me insane sometimes.  I am on Klonopin .05mg 3x day.
I take benadryle to sleep sometimes but it doesn't help with the itching,
Nothing does.

Now I have a new symptom, I seem to have tenderness on the labia majora on the left side by the clitoral hood.  When that gets irritated it is so painful I can't even sit.

2 doctors cannot see anything or figure out what is going on.  

They do not think it is vulodinia or anything else for that matter since there everything looks fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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