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Clear mucus discharge with blood in it??

Hello I am 21 years old, a virgin and been experiencing vaginal bleeding between periods for about 3 months now.
I've always had very irregular periods, I never know when it's gonna show up etc and I am very skinny and have always been because I cannot gain weight so I have not noticed any difference in weight since it never changes.
I've had thin streaks of blood coming between my periods lately but only on the paper when I dry myself after peeing (but last two days I also bleed on and off between that so I need to wear pads) and it looks like it's in a clear discharge. Sometimes it stings/burns down there afterwards but only for a short while. I've also had a lot of itching down there before it started and I still get it now and then but not so much.
I have often lately had discharge without blood in it as well but not in my panties but again I only see it when I dry myself.
I'm not on any medication or birth control. I've tried different birth controls in the past but it was almost a year ago last time I took any.
I am a person who gets stressed and anxious very easily and often and always been that way so I can't say I think this is related to stress.

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Sorry you have this spotting.  It does happen to plenty of women.  Any irregular bleeding should be checked out by your doctor.  But most likely is not something to be worried about.  Our cervix is very vascular or our hormones can cause mid cycle spotting.  Some women get twinges of blood when they ovulate.  So, do you get an annual exam?  That's really important for all women.  Go once a year for a pap smear and ask about this when there.  Again, I know you say you are anxious but would not think this is anything to be concerned about.  but get checked out so you know for sure.  Good luck
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