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Clitoris and Inner Labia are swollen, sensitive and irriatated

My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!! I can't wear underwear and I can only wear loose fitting clothing or the symptoms get worse. I've been dealing with this for 8 months now. I've seen 2 doctors and 1 specialist, none have really told me anything and all tests always come back negative (I was tested for herpes as well.) Even the yeast cultures come back negative.  I've been going to acupuncture for the last 2 months and the symptoms are decreasing, but at a very slow rate. I have taken Monistat, flagyl, cortizone (steroid) pills and cream and nothing has worked. The specialist has put me on a neurotransmitter medicine because she thinks the nerve endings in my vulva are misfiring, which sounds far fetched to me but at this point I'll try anything! I used to feel a rawness under the clitoris hood and between the inner labia a lot, but not as much sense I’ve been going to the acupuncturist, however- it is very rare that I feel any  itchiness. I have not experienced any colored discharge- though on bad days I do have more discharge then usual- but still clear. My acupuncturist and the specialist seem to think these symptoms are a result from having bladder infections in the past (I have a sensitive bladder), DOES ANYONE HAVE A SENSITIVE BLADDER, or have had many bladder infections in the past, and have similar symptoms as me? Also, I have noticed when the clitoris is bothering me- I sometimes have white spots under the hood of my clitoris. After close inspection, I have found these little white spots are NOT part of my clitoris and can be removed. Once it’s removed (very sensitive and somewhat painful to remove) it looks like what a blackhead would look like, but white….?! I clean myself regularly down there so to have any buildup, like this, is very weird. For the last couple of months I’ve been using non-fragranced baby wipes to clean under the clitoris hood and around the vulva area and I’m still seeing these little white spots. IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR SYMPTOMS PLEASE RESPOND. I’m doing a follow-up visit with the specialist at UCLA Medical Center in 2 months.

Wishing hope on all those who understand.

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im only 15 and im having the same problems. my clitoris is swollen and irratated, and some what dry. it hurts to cross my legs and even walk. ive been just wearing sweat pants. some people have said it may be an STD but i've never had sex, or done anything sexual. i dont know what to do, please help!

thanks,    :)   .
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hey guys, google "accumulation of smegma" or "clitoral adhesions." this may be your problem.
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An autoimmune disease called Behcet's Syndrome's initial symptoms closely resemble the herpes virus, causing inflammation, late, vaginal sores, cuts, fissures, and folliculitis. More symptoms develop weeks to years later, so it is very important that you find out just what it is that is causing your symptoms. Don't be too quick to brush it off as nothing, Behcet's disease affects people of every age and every race. It is important you see a doctor who know's enough to help you. Ask them about Behcet's Syndrome, if they don't know enough to tell you what it is, they won't be able to tell you if you have it or not. You can also contact the free American Behcet's Disease Website for  much more information. Behcet's is not contagious and it doesn't run in families. It is commonely triggered by strep throat, food poisoing or other infections or for unknown reasons that have permanitally damaged the immune system. Stress, injury, common illnesses, and genital to gential contact are some of the most common causes for repeated flares. People with illness need to rest more often and take better care of themselves. Even then, they will need medicine and a good doctor to stay well.
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Some of the other symptoms are chronic yeast infections, bladder inflammation that feels like an infection (often mistaken for interstital cystitis), bowel inflammation, eye inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalga, chronic fatique, and sometimes central nervous system involvement. It is important that people with this illness get treatment as soon as possible with immune suppressants by a Rhuemotologist. That is who you really need to see next.
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Hey there bbyA
I'm sorry to hear you're having similar symptoms as me. Have you seen a doctor yet? Please see a doctor very soon, especially see them when you're clitoris is swollen that way they can "SEE" whats going on. OBGYN's are their to help us, however- a lot of women that have this health issue do not go to the doctor, therefore doctors don't have that much info on what it is. The more we go, the more they know, and then the more they can help us. Unfortunately my doctor hasn't been able to help me too much but she's doing research which is good. You can read the things I've done in my posts that help me (like not wearing underwear, wearing skirts or cotten loose fitting pants and shorts, and I limit the amount of sugar or yeast.) If you can talk to your parents about this, I UGRE you to do so, this is a tough health issue and the more people you have to talk to and lean is VERY HELPFUL. Having good friends you can trust or family memebers that you can talk to helps releave the stress of having a persistant health issue, especially one this uncomfortable.

If you need to vent or have more questions please send me a message. I hope you're feeling better.



I believe Behcet's Syndrome is something different then a few of us are writing about. I haven't had any fisshers or cuts, etc on the vaginal area. I just have inflammation of the clitoris, the inner glands under the clitoral hood and my inner labia which causes sensitivity. Although I can still have the sensitivity without the swelling. Things are getting better for me, jsut at a VERY slow rate. When I reduce stress, wear loose fitting clothes, (I no longer shave down there) and stick to a diet with limited sugar and yeast- my body feels the best.

I was diagnosed with interstital cystitis about 4 years ago (I've always ahd a sensitive bladder- my diet and eating properly really helps this)  however I've tested negative for yeast ever since these symptoms started (so I know mine is not chronic yeast infections.) I haven't had any inflammation anywhere else either. If you have any other idea's I'm up for listening.


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I'm wonder if it's the interstitial cystitis that's sort of spread down your uretha to cause your pain? I know how bad that feels, I was diagnosed at one time with IC, but for me it was just one of the first symptoms of something else...but I also had the cuts. That made it something all together different for me. I also limit sugar and yeast and avoid stress as much as possible and get plenty of rest. There is no better medicine than that.
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