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Clitoris and Inner Labia are swollen, sensitive and irriatated

My symptoms started with what looked and felt like a yeast infection under only the hood of the clitoris, once that cleared up I was still experiencing extreme sensitivity on the clitoris and/or the inner labia. My inner labia are swollen to some degree every day; sometimes sensitivity comes with this, sometimes not. When I say sensitivity I mean that every little hair, underwear or anything that touches my inner labia or clitoris is an irritant!! I can't wear underwear and I can only wear loose fitting clothing or the symptoms get worse. I've been dealing with this for 8 months now. I've seen 2 doctors and 1 specialist, none have really told me anything and all tests always come back negative (I was tested for herpes as well.) Even the yeast cultures come back negative.  I've been going to acupuncture for the last 2 months and the symptoms are decreasing, but at a very slow rate. I have taken Monistat, flagyl, cortizone (steroid) pills and cream and nothing has worked. The specialist has put me on a neurotransmitter medicine because she thinks the nerve endings in my vulva are misfiring, which sounds far fetched to me but at this point I'll try anything! I used to feel a rawness under the clitoris hood and between the inner labia a lot, but not as much sense I’ve been going to the acupuncturist, however- it is very rare that I feel any  itchiness. I have not experienced any colored discharge- though on bad days I do have more discharge then usual- but still clear. My acupuncturist and the specialist seem to think these symptoms are a result from having bladder infections in the past (I have a sensitive bladder), DOES ANYONE HAVE A SENSITIVE BLADDER, or have had many bladder infections in the past, and have similar symptoms as me? Also, I have noticed when the clitoris is bothering me- I sometimes have white spots under the hood of my clitoris. After close inspection, I have found these little white spots are NOT part of my clitoris and can be removed. Once it’s removed (very sensitive and somewhat painful to remove) it looks like what a blackhead would look like, but white….?! I clean myself regularly down there so to have any buildup, like this, is very weird. For the last couple of months I’ve been using non-fragranced baby wipes to clean under the clitoris hood and around the vulva area and I’m still seeing these little white spots. IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR SYMPTOMS PLEASE RESPOND. I’m doing a follow-up visit with the specialist at UCLA Medical Center in 2 months.

Wishing hope on all those who understand.

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My thing is what is Interstitial Cystitis but an autoimmune disorder. When you're seeing inflammation like that, it's because the immune system is over reacting. There are many different autoimmune disorders caused by a variety of ways the immune system can be damaged. They are all treated just about the same way, with the same drugs. When you have something like IC though, you may not be getting the "respect" that your pain is bad enough to require a stronger course of treatment. Hopefully you'll get as much relief as you deserve, but if you're not, don't be afraid to ask for a steriod dose pack every once in awhile. They give them to people every time they hurt their back, but you'll never get one for IC, although it will calm things down for you for up to 3 months.
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I came online today looking for answers for this very same condition when I came across these posts.  My symptoms are very similar to yours except - only one inner labia is swollen - VERY swollen, and is itching/burning only in the area near the clitoris (which is not infected at all)  The rest of the inner labia (only the one side mind you) is swollen but is not sore at all...just the opposite, it feels almost numb.  Let me tell you that the one sensitive area is raw nerves throbing with every heartbeat.  This has happened a few times in the past.  I have gone through the change - years ago - and I have not had sex in years either... so who knows what causes this...
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It sounds like you are suffering from some sort of peripherial nerve damage. The symptoms of this are burning pain, numbness, tingling, raw nerves etc. There are over 200 hundred different types of peripherial nerve damage and mutliple diseases and injuries that could be the cause. A common cause from nerve damage would be from shingles, but anything that damges nerves in the body could be the cause. Often, nerves that have been damaged, but not destroyed can heal, with time. Some illnesses continue to damage nerves over many years. Cortisone cream would help you for the inflammation.
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Hi there, I'm so glad I've found someone who will understand what I'm going through. I've had multiple UTI's over the past 5 months taking at least 10- 12 doses of antibiotics, only to get another UT in 4 days after.  The Dr thinks its Cystits and I'm hoping they are wrong.  I to have the white sebum or what ever it is under my clitoral hood...It wipes off but than is more painful...My bladder is uncomfortable and tingling and abit burning at times, but when on antibiotics I feel normal again,  as well as the sebum isn't so bad...I hope we can figure this out, very frustrating for both myself and my husband.  I have put myself on a diet that takes all the bladder irritants away, which really sucks and doesn't seem to be working very well and have started to take uva ursi ( BearBerry) to help my bladder...I'll keep you posted, just did some more blood work as well as urine samples a few days ago and am hoping for some good news... take care all and lets try to keep our heads up, there has got to be help and relief somewhere...

Keep smiling!
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Hey, wow, the wonders of the interweb.  

As many of the people who've replied to this thread, I've been having some similar symptoms.  I'm seventeen, have been having sex for two years.  I've had a couple of yeast infections in the past, but no UTI's.  I've had three partners, all of which have turned up negative for all and any STD's, and I've taken tests as well, which have all come back negative.  

I first noticed my symptoms about three weeks ago, after I had had sex.  It began with an onset of a frequent urge to urinate, and a bit of burning while urinating.  Some vaginal dryness during sex occurred once, but I'm not sure if this is relevant.  There was some pain and irritation during, aside from the dryness.  When I began to notice itching of my labia, and a bit of swelling/slight redness around my labia and clitoris, I brushed it off as some chafing, because they are somewhat raw, though no bleeding has occurred.  Then the buildup of white sebum under my clitoral hood and somewhat on my inner labia was commenced.  Like you, I'd try to wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe, and it came off, but only to return later in the day.  Things are still somewhat swollen and a bit sensitive (more sensitive than normal for that area of the body).  It's quite bothersome, as I can't find anything that perfectly fits my description on any medical website and I'm weary of having sex at the moment because I don't want any of this spreading....if it is spreadable.  I'm currently on a yeast infection medicine for three days, waiting to see if that will cease any of my symptoms....though it doesn't look too promising as you and others have already tried it.  I have a OB/GYN appointment in three days, and I'll bring this concern up to her.  Do you have any updated information on any of this?  Any of you guys perchance?  What is everyone currently doing to help their symptoms?

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What a relief to find this site. I too have dealt with swollen labia, painful sex, fear of STD's (all negative) and an extreme itch that literally wakes me up in the middle of the night right before my period. Western medical doctors all 4 of them were baffled and telling me to take meds to fix it. That is not a solution for me. The only thing that  has helped me is eating clean organic food and no caffeine or alcohol and yes.. sugar. My acupuncturist has done miracles with other female hormonal issues I didn't even realize I had... like pms, adult acne and years of being on birth control. I too must keep going to the acupuncturist and it is helping slowly. Diet is the key, please research Candida which is the diet that I try my best to stick to. My new mantra is that food is medicine and my diet is crucial right now. I suggest Healing with Whole Foods as a great book to read. Recently I did see a biomedicine specialist who discussed toxins and parasites living in my digestive tract. Far fetched? I thought so but it makes total sense. He suggested I try MMS which kills all pathogens in our body and boosts the immune system. I just ordered it and will let everyone know the feedback. I have dealt with this for over 6 years and I will do anything to make this go away.
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