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Clot during period

I am a 33 year old sexually active mother of one.  Recently I have been experiencing some slight pain in my vaginal area.  My period is not due to come for another 2 weeks, and this morning I woke up with such horrible cramps in my back and lower stomach.  I have been using the OrthoEvra patch for about 9 years and my periods are like clockwork.  I had been spotting a bit throughout the day and thought that MAYBE my period was starting early.  I went about my ususal routine for the day.  Tonite when I was getting out of the shower I heard a splat on the floor and looked down and saw a large clot about 5 inches long on the floor ( gross I know)  I was cloudy white in color with a bit of blood on it.  I called my mother and she did not seem alarmed, but I am really freaked out.  Since this happened, my cramps have gone away and I am no longer spotting.  I plan on calling my Gyn on Monday morning (its Saturday now) but am afraid that it could be something very serious and am scared!  Has anyone else expereienced anything like this an if so what causes it and what did you do?
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Did you happen to save the clot?  If so, you could take it to a medical lab and check it to be sure it was not placental tissue or anything like that.  If you are on the patch, it is awfully unlikely you are pregnant, but it otherwise sounds like an early miscarriage.  One thing you could do to test this idea is to ask your doctor to run a blood pregnancy test, if it had been a miscarriage, there might possibly still be a small amount of hCG in your blood.  If no signs point to a pregnancy, then what might have happened is some blood seepage and then clotting, and then finally coming out.  But I'd run it by your doc.
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It does sound like an early miscarriage to me as well...Check Monday with your Doctor

and its o.k......
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