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Coming off the pill

Hi everyone,
I came off the pill just over 4 months ago after being on the pill for 7 years. My period was irregular before going on the pill but never more than 3 months between. It has now been 4 months without a period and after having blood tests done, the doctor says all of my hormones are perfectly normal. The doctor said some women can wait up to 10 MONTHS for their cycles to go back to normal after comnig off the pill but it's so frustrating, particularly when we're trying to start a family. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can kickstart my body??
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i had irregular cycles when i went on the pill at 15 or 16, i came off 18 months ago when i was 28 and my cycles went back to been irregular, my doctor told me that the pill just disguised my irregular cycle and suggested there would be no reason for it to become regular if if wasn't prior to starting the pill.  like you i stopped the pill to start a family and having irregular cycles makes it impossible.  After 9 months of irregular cycles and no pregnancy i went back to the doctor who arranged an ultra sound wich showed i had lots of little cysts on my ovaries, the irregular cycles, cysts and lack of pregnancy indicated i wasn't ovulating so at the 12 month mark referred me to a fertility speacialist who prescribed clomid to make me ovulate.  I did 4 cycles of clomid and i did ovulate everytime but still no pregnancy.  This is my 1st cycle off clomid and i have still ovulated!! im taking a break while waiting for a lap and dye to make sure tubes are clear.  I'm hoping that the clomid has kickstarted natural ovulation and regular cycles although it may be that clomid is still in my system and my cycles will go back to being irregular!  

I hope this hasn't put you off and everyone is different so this may not be the case for you, however if its been over 4 months since you have a cycle i would push ur dr for an utrasound, my dr says anything over 3 months should be investigated.  Might be nothing but the earlier you know the earlier you deal with it.

Sorry if iv'e not been very positive but my situation started the same as yours been told by friends etc that the pill takes months to leave your system, im glad i did'nt listen to them otherwise id still be waiting for something to happen.

Good luck to you, i'm sure your fine and wont need it 8 )
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Thanks Lizwishes. I had to push just to get a blood test because the doctors weren't worried about it. They said come back in a few months if it still hasn't started up so hopefully I can push for an ultrasound then. Why must a woman's body be so complicated!!!!
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