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Concered about sting when peeing

Hi! I just went to the obgyn today and they did the swab test. The test always stings for me and is super uncomfortable but normally I’m fine after. She told me today to relax while it was happening because I was extra nervous today for some reason. Today though after the appointment when I came home to pee it hurt a little. Not super bad to the point where I can’t pee but like a sting/burn that is pretty uncomfortable like a slight UTI. Has this ever happened to anyone else ? Send advice please !
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If you have a little cut or abrasion on the outside, it will sting if urine hits it. This is different than a UTI which is from the inside and it hurts as your flow begins to come out and winds down.  You often also feel like you can't quite get it all out and you have a frequent urge to urinate in general.  It's different than stinging.  It's like a burning from the inside.  Which do you think you have?  
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I definitely think it’s just a small cut
Ah, okay. That stings!!  You can try to spray room temp or warm water on it with a spray bottle while you pee.  That's what they do after child birth. And a sitz bath helps heal. (salt bath). good luck sweetie
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