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Concerned for a friend

I have a friend who is scared that she might be pregnant.?She was fooling around with a guy on aug 3rd. they didn't have sex or anything but she's heard you can get pregnant with precum. She got her period on aug 8th how she normally gets it which is heavy and lasts 3-4 days. This month she is 3 days late and she's worried that he might have rubbed pre *** on her vagina or near her area with his fingers or his p**** without noticing. Help me . help her. Is she pregnant
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Hello.  You can not get pregnant in this manner.  Conception occurs when a penis enters the vagina.  A man does not need to fully ejaculate as they emit sperm during intercourse prior to orgasm but his penis DOES have to be in the vagina for pregnancy to occur.  So, your friend is not pregnant.  But I would advise her to make sure to buy some condoms and have them ready for 'next' time in case things go further.  She will want to be ready to prevent pregnancy.  good luck
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Thank you she will be relieved when i tell her that her period is just late and that shes not pregnant.
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she is not preg...getting preg with precum is very rare...certain other factors can delay periods..but 3 to 4 days late is just normal...
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She started her period today with a lot of cramps. She is very relieved
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