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Condom latex smell

I’ve had sex with my partner and he noticed that it smells like latex condoms , we did it in the beginning with condoms but after that we decided to not wear them no more but he says it stills smells like condoms , he asked me if I had sex with someone else , but thats not the case he’s been the only one I have sex with in the moment.  I asked him since when did he notice it and he told me since the beginning he knew me but I did all my STI tests and I got nothing , now im wondering why does he says it smells like condoms when we do it, I dont know what to think
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One possibility is that it could be his semen, or how his semen reacts to the environment in your vagina. If he says he has never smelled this smell with any other woman, you might ask him if he's been eating a changed diet or a lot of something new lately. But even if not, there can be an interaction of a woman's vaginal acidity with the steroids in semen.
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