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Constant pimples around vagina and armpit?

So a bit of background: I’ve always shaved my pubic and anus area spotless and armpits etc and never had a problem minus the odd little spots that take two days to disappear.

So for the past two months I’ve had pimples around my vagina. They started when I shaved this one time maybe showing up a week later. Angry red and full of pus. I’d thought they would go away but they didn’t and got progressively worse as the month went on. It also happened to one of my armpits at the same time. The other one was perfectly fine. Then moved to my anus area maybe a few weeks later. By this time I hadn’t shaved since I got my first few pimples either so I wasn’t sure what was aggravating it. I use antibacterial wash. I get yeast infections very easily and had one maybe a month into this situation. I use clean razors and don’t shave aggressively either. Also haven’t had sexual contact since last year.

I went to the doctors maybe a month after it started and she thought I should try some steroid cream and that didn’t work. After swabs testing for herpes they all came back negative. So I was assigned to a dermatologist. I went to see her and she immediately said it was folliculitis? I said ok so I won’t shave until it has all cleared up obviously and  then try some other method of removing hair. She also gave me some antibacterial cream and that has subdued it quite well.

But the thing is, I haven’t shaved for a good few weeks now and my old spots have gone thank god but I still have new pimples surfacing and coming up? I wear cotton underwear, wash responsibly but they still come? I definitely do not have as many as I had before as there was like 20 angry pimples around my vagina and now maybe 3. But if I’m not shaving how is it folliculitis then? I also have the odd one still coming up on my one armpit.

I’d really appreciate any ideas anyone has as this has really got me feeling down sometimes. Thank you
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Well, that sure sounds annoying!!  Here's an article on folliculitis.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/folliculitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20361634  So, different things can cause it.  Bacterial but also FUNGAL.  And that is a little harder to fully eradicate.  Yours is taking some time, it seems. That the creams prescribed to you work, that's a sign that the doctor was right with the diagnosis.  Big huge pain waiting for it to clear.  While this totally stinks, I wonder if a different hair removal process would be the best route for you over shaving in the future?  Sorry this has been going on!
Yes it does sound fungal! Makes a lot of sense now that you’ve said that ahah and yep I’m looking into getting laser done. Thanks for your lovely answer
You are so welcome!  Let me know how it goes sweetie!
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