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Constant sore Abdominal/Bladder pains

I am 26 and have had UTI problems since I was 18. For the last couple years I have had abdominal pains and constantly feel ill. I had taken UTI medication which made me feel better for a while then feel ill again. Anyone ever had this or know of what the issue could be?
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Hi.  Wow, been going on for a long time.  So, do you have the issues of a UTI like the burning when urinating?  Or just abdominal pain?  Could it also be related to your GI tract?  Have they ever examined your kidneys?  I have family on my husband's side that have had kidney issues.  My niece had many UTI's.  It turned out that she actually had three kidneys which sounds great, right?  Well, it was causing problems.  She had UTI's for about 3 to 4 years before they discovered the third kidney.  Now, that's probably not the case for you but my point is, they need to look at why this is happening rather than just treating the UTI.  (in my in law family's case, it's hereditary and we now know two others who have the third kidney.  They are male though and don't have issues).  We know someone else who had a very narrow urethra which caused the uti's.  If it is nothing like that, I've read that recurrent uti's can cause scarring in the kidneys which may attribute to the pain.  Do you see a urologist?  That would be a good idea at this point!
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