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Contact with a methamphetamine user caused me to fail a nail drug teat

Okay, I get drug tested every month randomly with urine analysis due to child custody order- I had a problem with opiates 5 years ago, been clean ever since. My spouse however is an active methamphetamine user. I have failed sensitive tests such as the hair follicle test and the nail drug test for only methamphetamines- no amphetamines are detected, or they are detected below the cutoff. I know amphetamine is the metabolite of methamphetamine, when you ingest meth, you have both methamphetamine and amphetamine in your urine, hair, or nails. I am about to lose my children over this and I swear I am not a user of methamphetamine. I know meth can be transferred through skin contact, is it possible contact with my husband after he uses such as laying with him, touching his clothes, kissing him, etc can make me fail the sensitive drug tests?? I have no idea how this is possible unless it’s coming from me touching him... please help
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Here is a resource discussing the problem. I don't think it would hold up in a court of law, though. Probably what you will be told is that you have to choose between your children and living with an active meth user.

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