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Continuous Vaginal Bleeding and Irregular Periods for the last 6 months

hi i need help . i have seen several doctors however, so far no one was able to find out the problem. I have gone through, MRI, Urine and blood work. i will try to upload the reports here. All the reports came clear.

so here is the story 6 months ago i took ecp pill to avoid pregnancy. after few weeks of taking it i noticed spotting and some times high bleeding. i went to see the doctor she put me on famila 28 for a month its a birth control pill . she said it will regulate my periods. however it didnt help . they doctor put me again on it for another another 3 months it stopped for few days but the bleeding came back. she tried Transamine also but didn't help either. Doctor did my urine, blood, ct scan etc everything is coming to normal in results. Not sure what is going on with my body. I have doubt that it could be Harmon imbalance. I am really frustrated these days. I stopped taking the medications 2 months ago and now some times i get spotting some times dark bleeding and high bleeding. I had fibriods and cyst history but the test shows they are now at a normal levels. could it be fibroid? Doctors did the MRI as well i was thinking it could be miscarriage or incomplete miscarriage but test results did not show anything. a

Help will be appreciated . thanks

reports Link
The link contains the reports of MRI, Pelvic ultrasound, Blood test and, Syrum\

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A fibroid that is near the cervix can cause irregular bleeding. I could not open your link, but you might read to see the location of your fibroids.

Please try above link. I just checked and it's working. If it still doesn't work can you please pm me email I can send the report through email. Thx. The doc said the fibroid are outside of the overt not inside so it should not be the cause for bleeding.

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Sorry, I don't have other ideas besides fibroids or a hormone issue. Maybe someone else will post in with a better suggestion.
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Have you had a complete endocrine workup? A problem with your thyroid or pituitary or possibly even your adrenal glands can cause menstrual irregularities. Do you know the type of fibroid you have? Some are more apt to cause irregular bleeding than others.
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