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Continuous vaginal inflammation

I am a 26 year old female and have been suffering from continuous vaginal smelly discharge for about years. I have had deamer tests and nothing has come up. The doctors have diagnosed it as unspecific vaginal inflammation. I have been on antibiotics severa l times but they have not helped. My doctors have told me to learn to live with it, wchich I cannot do because I smell! I have to wear pantyliners everyday and I am so ashamed. Is there really nothing that can be done. my blood tests have shown that there is something going on with leukocytes up one.
Any advice??
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wow, you sound like me, I just posted my problem earlier today, check it out,I think I typed as being strong amonia odor. let me know what you think.
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i have similar trouble without the strong odor.  but i have the discharge and raw painful burning.  tested & only strep b came out 1x which we always have that bacteria present.  what i found out is that it is our body's inability to regulate our ph levels due to hormonal fluctuations, antibiotics, certain foods (i notice an ammonia fishy odor after eating fish only ~odd i know) but there are lots of things that can throw our natural good bacteria off leaving us with off ph.  this leads to all bad bacterias to cause infection or irritation such as we experiance.  so what ive used is acidophilos for women from natures cure co. also take yeast gard from pharmacy overcounter then with rx try boric acid inserts, with betameth cream.  hope this helps you gals, let me know! good luck!
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I used to get these yeast infections from having to take antibiotics for Sinusitis, but learned to take acidophilos also, Drinkable Probiotics before and during the antibiotics and haven't had an infections since. Hurray!!!!
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