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Contractions while not pregnant

Does anyone know anything about this? This is so strange! Last night when I was laying down before I fell asleep, I started having contractions. I am NOT pregnant. I had contractions for about a hour, and they were almost exactly 10 minutes apart each time, but the last 2 were 9 minutes apart. After that I decided to just go to sleep. Note: I do intend to call my doctor, but they don't take phone calls (they take a message and call you back in about 2 days... it *****)

I was told I have PCOS recently, but I don't believe this is pain caused by the rupturing of cysts. I have had a child before, and it felt just like that... I swear I could even feel my cervix dialating (not alot, just a little). I am no longer having contractions this morning.

I'm REALLY REALLY hoping this is a period because I haven't had one in 7 months, and I started taking birth control pills about 2 weeks ago. Do period cramps hurt like this?! I was always regular before these past 7 months, and I have never had period cramps! Do they feel like labor contractions?

If anyone has any advice for me, I would really appreciate it! The only thing I can compare my experience to is labor pains and I'm worried my doctor is going to try to pass it of as a bowel problem or something. Thank you!
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Period cramps feel like squeezing a fist really tight until your hand begins to ache because there is no longer enough blood in it, and then letting the hand relax.  That's a pretty good description of contractions, too, at the earlier stages of labor.  So yeah, it could definitely be period cramps, especially if you have been waiting a long time for them to come and you have a lot of endometrial lining built up.
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Thanks! It's good to know that it could just be cramps... is it possible to have period cramps that are so timed out?
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Sure, even if you haven't been waiting forever for the period to come.  The uterus sheds its lining by contracting, and only it decides when to clench.
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Thanks a bunch! It gives me hope to know that this very well could be a sign that my parts are still working. :)
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i am 21 and have 2 kids just misscarried a month ago, i have had these contraction feelings for a few months now and im not pregnant i have not had my period in 2 yeras the past few days these contraction type feeling has gotten worse i been feeling really nausiated  here and there to, does anyone know what is wrong with me or any possibilities please email me at ***@****
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Well where do I start..

I have three kids so I definitely know what contractions are!  Now I have an IUD in and I have been having contractions and I am not pregnant!

They are exacting like labor pain but without labor, I have been to several docs, one said it was an ulcer, the other gas reflex etc.  Eventually i got fed up and went to get an ultra sound of my abdomen - the woman told me that both kidneys were low functioning, and  I have polycystic ovaries - I heard that one before!  One gyne told me I was lucky to have a child because of the condition - well I got two after that , also they discovered I have a heart shape uterus, mitral valve prolapse etc...

I guess we all have something but never know about it - my only suggestion is to pay attention to all vital organs and drink more water!!!

And don't let anyone convince you that it is all in your head.
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