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Corpeus Luteum Pain or Signs of Ectopic?

Hi Ladies,
I found out I was pregnant on Friday, I have had a tubal reversal in February. On Saturday I started having lower left pressure/pain (mild). But of course, now I am freaked out I might have an etopic pregnancy. When the pain started I was only 3weeks and 4 days pregnant...My period isn't even due until Tuesday. Also, since the reversal everything about my cycle is exagerated...major O pains I never had before, horrible periods/pms.My friend is 9 weeks pregnantsaid not to worry if I had some minor pain, it was just the corpeus luteum making hormones for the baby until it can on its own. I am going to call the Dr, today for my hcg draw, but I would like any opinions you guys have.

I also am kind of worried to mention the pain, because I don't want them to try to make me get Methotrexate without knowing for sure it is ectopic or the cysts.

(I will mention the pain...just nervous they will try to force me to take the shot)
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I'm not sure how early you can get pain associated with ectopic pregnancies. I'm sure a few of the women on here that have unfortunately experienced ectopic pgs would be able to help you out with that kind of information. I do know that with this pg (baby #4) I felt ovulation for the first time and thought I was due to get a period like 2 weeks early,  but as I didn't recognise i was ovulating I fell pregnant and then in hindsight worked out that this was what the pain was. Then when I must admit I was feeling tender on the left ovary for a few weeks and when I had my first u/s at 8 weeks the sonographer told me that I had a corpus luteum cyst on my left ovary and that this was the ovary that I conceived from as it was enlarged. She said the cyst was not a problem and that it was just large with hormones feeding the pregnancy until the placenta takes over that role at about 12 weeks which is where I'm at now. If your pain increases and it causes you double over or there are other symptoms you are experiencing that are worrysome I would go to a dr and perhaps ask for an u/s to check it out. But it sounds to me like at this early stage it could just be what I had. Good luck!
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I want to kiss you Mum!!! I feel better already!:) I'll let you know wha happens today.
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Hi!Great to know that u r feeling better.I have similar symptoms as yours.Only difeerence....i still havent tested for pregnancy.I'll wait for another 2 days to see if the period shows up.If not then i'll meet my Gyn.My cramps are like i will start af any moment but this hide and seek has been going on for more than a week with no signs of af.Its a wait and watch game.
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It is my understanding that you would not have gotten a postive hpt this soon if it was an ectopic - they take longer to show positive on a hpt.  I think you're fine, but I totally agree with calling the doctor and being seen.  You are at a higher risk for one.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
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I had the same thing with my last pregnancy.  I went to the dr.  at 5 & 1/2 weeks, with pain very low on the right side.  The dr. did an u/s, and verified a corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary, which evidently was the side ovulation occured for the pregnancy. I had started to feel it a day or two before my expected af...which obviously didn't show.  I wanted to call the dr. around the middle of the 4th week, but put it off because I had a scheduled appointment later that month.  When I went in and told him that I wanted to get in during the 4th week, he said nothing would have shown up on u/s...everything was just too small.  It may be more uncommon to feel this if it is an ectopic, because your are not even 4 weeks yet...and you would feel the cyst at this point..I'm sure everything is ok...I know you are terrified, because you had a tubal reversal. Best wishes to you!!
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JJetty- See, that is what I was thinking I had heard too. It makes me feel better to hear it from someone else too. Thank you.

Pixi- I also thank you, I think you are right about that as well.

The Dr. won't get me in until Wednesday, so I have to wait, but I will only be 2 days late on af.

Bani, Good luck on your bfp!!!
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