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Could I be pregant? PLEASE ANSWE !!

I had my first intercourse on the 15 th of may. It was this last-ish day of my period. We used a condom but it wasn't pulled all the way down to the base of the penis, so I knoe that I could get pregnant from precum, if leftover semen was in it. Anway, I think I am pregnant because a week after oluvation, had thin brown discharge with barely any red ish pink ish blood it it. It was a moderate amount. I think that was implation bleeding. If I am pregnant, I am about to be 4 weeks ish and that only symtom I have had so far is what I think to be implaton bleeding. My period is due today, and I have been having cramping the last two days but that could be a sig of pregnancy, but my period is VERY irregular.. VERY !! anyway, I am just very stressed out about this because I am sooo young soo, do you think I could be pregnant? Thank you so very much..(:
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Stress WILL change your period in vast ways. You are probably not pregnant. However if you are TOO young to have a baby, you are TOO young to have sex. This is said with LOVE. Please take it that way. :D
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Just take a home pregnancy test and find out. If all that you're saying is accurate, I doubt that you are pregnant.
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Okies thanks!!!
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I doubt that you are pregnant. What you are experiencing the brown discharge is just from having sex. You probably bled from sex and the blood dried up inside you and is now making it's way out. Take some time to relax and you will get your period. Please see a family planning center to discuss options. Maybe even consider asking your parents for birth control. Parents do understand...we have all been teenagers too!
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