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Could I be pregnant possibly?

Yesterday I allowed my boyfriend to rub his **** on my vagina. (I’m 16) I made sure he wiped it to wipe off any precum. He said there was none, so it was okay. I let it happen again but as he took his **** off, some precum got around my clitoris. 3 second after I had a napkin and I wiped it off right away. Then I went to the bathroom and wiped it off with a baby wipe and toilet baby like 3 times. Later in the night I let him finger me. I have awful anxiety and I am convincing myself I may have not all of the precum off and he may have shoved it in my vagina when he fingered me. I get so paranoid and I don’t ovulate until next week. Do you think I’m okay and not pregnant?
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The answer is yes. Spermatozoa swim quickly into the fluids, even before complete ejaculation. This is nothing to fool around with. The penis does not need to enter the vagina. Talk to your OB-GYN! and please, I hope you will wait until marriage. I made so many mistakes in life and know how valuable you are. look up article on sex before marriage and the impact it can have both mentally and physically. You are a beautiful and wonderful person who should always be respected, valued and loved with real love! Look it all up. God bless you.
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I agree from Annie and also am pretty firm myself that getting pregnant from rubbing a penis near you is unlikely to impregnate you.  Penis really needs to enter your vagina.  But you are getting close to sex so need to get some condoms to be ready. Don't over think it.  And anxious people being sexually active have a harder time.  If every event will cause you to cascade into a spiral of anxiety, might not be a good thing to get into right now until the consequences of sex are not as disastrous to your  life should it not go the way you want.  Otherwise, get on birth control and use condoms.  That's the best way.  But this sounds like nothing related to pregnancy.  
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Thank you very much. I appreciate your time in responding. I will take everything you said in mind and be safe. I already talked to my boyfriend. I will take more precaution. Thank you again for your time, take care.
No problem.  Our biggest defense to these kinds of anxious situations is to either not put ourselves in them or to be prepared.  :>)  
I agree. That’s why I am not engaging in anything like that again unless I were to use a condom. I don’t plan on having real sex until I’m on birth control, and using a condom. I am still young, so I don’t plan on doing it too soon. Thank you again for your words.
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Probably OK, but if you can't get onto some reliable birth control, you are likely to end up being not OK. Why do you keep letting him do this?
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It was an in the moment thing. I just make sure I’m careful with it. I can’t really go to my mother because I don’t want her to be upset with me. My boyfriend and I talked saying that we agreed to take a break from doing anything. I’m still a virgin, and I don’t plan on having sex because I do not want to be pregnant. I also am not on birth control. Therefore I will not engage in sex. I made sure everything was wiped and cleaned before he fingered me much later in the night. Thank you for responding. I’m just a very anxious person.
I'd be anxious, too, if I was engaging in sexual activity without being protected against pregnancy. Things happen in the spur of the moment, and the woman is left with the consequences.

I think you need to be more up front about what YOU want, not just roll over to what everyone else (especially your boyfriend) wants. If you really want to have sex or near-sex activity (and aren't just doing it because you don't want to lose your boyfriend), face the music and talk with your mother about getting on birth control. Tiptoeing around the limits of what is safe with fingering and touching, then being all stressed about possible pregnancy, is a recipe to increase your anxiety. Since what you're doing can have adult consequences, deal with the subject in an adult way.
Thank you. I appreciate your words. I will definitely take what you said into my morals. I’m not doing it to keep him as a boyfriend. He doesn’t mind if we don’t do stuff. I also want to engage in pleasure activities, but I’m afraid of talking to my mother about it because I don’t want her to make me break up with him. I’m a good kid and I don’t drink, vape, or smoke. I never have before. I focus on school and sports. I just have to find a way to talk to my mother.
Age 16 is a tricky age even to adults who appreciate the good judgement of their children, because we all remember what we did and didn't know at 16, and in retrospect we (adults) can see that we didn't have the background or the bandwith to judge wisely as we thought we did at the time. Every year that passes from now on, you'll be better able to judge situations and make intelligent choices. At 16, your first priority is simply not to give yourself a disaster (and having to choose between abortion and a teen pregnancy is a terribly bad set of choices). So, take care of yourself, and think about approaching your mom about birth control if you can't keep your sexual activities from straying into such close and uncovered contact, even if you don't intend to let it go all the way to intercourse.
Thank you for your advice. Thank you for your time you put into it. I will take a break from it until I get proper precautions in place in order to do them. Thank you, again. So you think I’m okay? I wiped it down over 4 times, and it would’ve dried over an hour and a half later when he fingered me?
You're probably fine. It doesn't sound like you're ovulating right now, so even if there was some contact there would have been no egg. Nobody can promise you that you're okay, the body is very unexpected. But you're probably OK. (This time.)

Take care,

Thank you. You too.

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