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Could I be pregnant with the implant?

Long-term bf and I had condom protected sex about 1 month ago. While getting going, the condom was rolled on partially inside out but then he just turned it around and put it on correctly. He had precum at that stage. We still had sex per normal and I peed right after too. I'm on the implant, haven't had my period for about a year but have been experiencing some bloating and fatigue. Could I be pregnant despite having the implant for 1+ years, using a condom, and peeing immediately after having sex?
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I agree that the implant is the main birth control.  And also that peeing after sex doesn't prevent pregnancy, fyi. But I think you should be good to not be pregnant from this.  
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The implant should protect you for three years.

A condom with pre-ejaculatory fluid on the outside won't protect you from pregnancy, since there can be sperm in the fluid, and having sperm on the outside of a condom kind of defeats the purpose of a condom. Peeing right after sex does nothing to prevent pregnancy, he didn't ejaculate in your urethra or bladder, after all.  But your implant is still well within its effective range.
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