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Could I be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex on the very last day of my cycle which was 1/4/2014 and it is now 1/12/14. He didn't ejaculate in me but there still could be a chance that I am pregnant. My period usually lasts for 7 days and I'm not really sure about ovulation. I haven't really had any symptoms yet but I do tend to have slight back aches and I am tired ALL OF THE TIME. I tend to eat more but I really think it's all in my head. Should I take a test? It's nowhere near time for my period. Any suggestions?
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Yes, don't test.  Wait for your missed period.  It's just over a week since your unprotected sex, so it is way too soon.  A week is too soon in my understanding to show many symptoms.  Do remember not to stress too much as stress can delay a period.  Also remember when we are worried about pregnancy, we become hyper aware of every single thing our body is doing to the point it can seem like we're doing things like peeing more when, in fact, we're not along with other potential symptoms.
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I forgot about cramping. It's not as bad as it was the first couple of days after the sex but it does still come on and off
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If you are an early ovulator, it's possible, but I doubt these are pregnancy symptoms--especially this soon after sex.  Many other things can explain being constantly tired (anemia, thyroid), back aches (pulled something, sitting too much), eating too much, etc.  Cramping is odd, but I seriously wouldn't worry too much.  You'll need to wait for a missed period to be able to get some accurate test results.  It would be far too soon to test.
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Men can "pre-ejaculate" meaning that even though he didn't fully ejaculate sperm would of came out, your chances of getting pregnant are slim but it is not ruled out. Your best bet love is take a pregnancy test very soon. From what you are saying it does sound like you are. Xxxxx
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thank you!
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So don't test? I know that symptoms are different with every woman but just to be sure that I'm not when is the best time to test?
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Hi there and welcome to med help.  Well, a woman's cycle is such that certain things happen at certain times.  The first day of your period is the first day of that cycle and the last day is the day before your next period starts.  We typically ovulate mid way through and that is on average, for most women--  day 14 or 15.  We can conceive for about 24 to 48 hours.  Doctors recommend that when a couple wishes to have a baby, that they begin having sex on day 10 of their cycle and do so for the next 10 days, every other day.  Sperm can live for a few days prior to ovulation. However, with what you've written, I'd guess you were too early to have pregnancy be a possibility with sex on the last day of your period which would be cycle day 7 based on what you said about a seven day period.  

And it is very true that symptoms do not immediately start with pregnancy for the majority of women.  We need enough of the pregnancy hormones to be circulating in order to have any symptoms at all.  And early on, most women report very few symptoms at all.  Around weeks 6 to 7 into pregnancy, that is when women begin seeing the side effects of the pregnancy hormones in the form of symptoms.  

It is too early to test.  If you know exactly how long your cycles usually are and hence, what day your period is due specifically---  four days prior to that, you can take an early response pregnancy test which says it will work that early.  (and it did for me with my pregnancies when I was 'trying' to get pregnant and tracking things.)  However, I would recommend that you go ahead and wait until you've actually missed a period/ that is if you DO miss a period.  Try not to worry as worry alone can make a period late.  

Wishing you all the best and let us know what happens but do concur to not test at this time.  peace
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thank you soooo much everyone! I feel much better about the situation now
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