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Could I have pinworms??

My kids had pinworm about 1 1/2 months ago..and my entire family was treated with Vermox.  One child tested clear after 2 pills, the other child tested clear after 3.  We all took 4 Vermox pills,  just to be certain.  I have extreme OCD-have been washing and cleaning sheets/pajamas everyday, vacuuming...etc.  There is nothing that I could do differently.  My problem is that I have developed itching, both rectal and genital.  However, I have checked in the middle of the night (mirror and flashlight, and my husband has also) and there is never anything there! (Sorry, this is gross!)  I have to remind myself that when my daughter had head lice in kindergarten, my head itched for 2 months, and I never had lice!!
I guess my question is, are pinworms resistant to mebendazole, or am I creating these issues on my own??  (I would believe either at this point.)  With both of my kids I saw the pinworms in their stool, and I have never had one symptom, until AFTER the pinworm episode was done with.  I went to a Gastroenterologist, and he didn't "see" anything suspicious, and I also went to the gyn.  Please help!  (I have also taken OTC meds myself, just to be on the safe side).  I feel like I'm going crazy, and I need some help from someone who has had pinworm before--or someone who has "created" symptoms themselves, just by stressing out or worrying about something.

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It does sound as if you are stressing out over the incident and well, creating symptoms. You know, it wasn't your fault that the kids got pinworms. It happens. You have done everything by the book as to treat and prevent this from re-occurring. But it sounds like you are doing what I call self-torture. The kids got sick. You didn't. And you feel that not only their getting sick was your fault but also felt guilty that you DIDN'T get sick. This is a normal "mommy reaction" at least for me. I feel guilt over EVERYTHING!
You probably have a bit of a heat rash or a yeast infection.. On top of the self torture. So please try not to worry so much and take things one day at a time. You are doing a great job and being a great mom. Let that be enough.
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yeah i know how you feell. like ui have them right now, and i dont knwo if i sshould tell my gma, or what her reaction will be,, but i dont wanna die from this,,... and yes, u=i know how you feeel, can someone \HE|LPPP me?
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