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Could I possibly be pregnant?

I'm a virgin if it matters, my bf and I were fooling around, but I should mention he had boxers on, and I had my underwear and sweats. He eventually came when I was on top of him and his *** went through my sweats, not sure if it got into contact w/ my ***. but I'm just assuming it did. I wiped what ever was down there off, but I haven't had my period in 6 weeks. My period is kinda strange, and I dont know exactly whether I'm pregnant or not. Is it possible that I am. I have no symptoms.. remember it's been 6 weeks since my last period.
My breast are still as small as they were.
I'm just as tired as always.. I dont eat much, I'm loosing weight
the only real symptom would be the missed period.
I'm moody, but there was only one incident, where I was "moody" really just annoyed.
Lower back cramps, but I dont normally cramp before my period so that's weird.
I'm sick, and that's pretty much it.
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you are not pregnant.  The sperm not only had to travel through his boxers but your sweats & panties.  Whatever you wiped off from inside ur sweats was your lubricant & not his sperm.  

ur profile says ur a 17 yr old male? I'll assume it's a mistake on ur part inputing info.  at 17 ANYTHING can cause you to miss a period.  stress, diet, exercise routine, pregnancy, hormones, & dozens of others.  You should be due in about 2 weeks. IF this month you don't get a period I would recommend seeing our doctor to have some tests run on your hormone levels, but I can assure you that you are not pregnant IF what you posted is all that happened.

Good luck & keep us updated
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Lol. Everything there is the truth.
And yes I will keep you updated thank you.
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