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Could this be vulvar melanoma?

A few days ago I found an unusual raised, brown spot on my vulva that resembles a mole. I am unsure if it could possibly be melanoma, or a genital wart, or something else entirely? There is a smaller, fainter one beginning to surface next to it and I'm starting to get worried. Here is a PG photo of what the bigger one looks like:

Thank you in advance.
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How old are you, and have you had a mole there for a long time and it has just recently changed? I would suggest that you run the whole question by your doctor.
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It's hard to tell from a picture.  We can get bumps and lumps.  Ingrown hair can cause it even in that spot!  But since you don't know, best to get it looked at.  Are you sexually active?  That would make a big difference in wondering if it is herpes or not.  And melanoma would be unusual.  Cancers of the vulva are pretty rare, here's an article on it.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/173108  They account for less than 1 percent of the cancers that women get. Which, of course, means nothing if you are in that one percent.  But I tell you this because the odds that it is cancer are very low.  This is to reassure you.  Wart like growths is just one symptom, there are usually others.  So, don't be embarrassed and get it checked out!  Let us know if that is possible.  
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