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Cut and tiny abrasions on inner labia

About a week or so ago, I noticed a small cut on my inner labia, maybe an inch and a half long. Only the area of the cut was painful, but the skin around it seemed dry. I've been waiting for it to heal, occasionally dabbing Neosporin on the area to deal with the slight pain and mild itching. It didn't itch at first, so I'm thinking the itching sensation is from the healing process. However, I've become increasingly paranoid about this cut, so I've been analyzing my vagina every day.

I think the cut was initially from some rough manual stimulation by my boyfriend. And we've had very rough sex since, so I'm sure that's keeping it from healing, as the cut is rather close to the vaginal opening. But I've now, upon closer inspection, noticed other tiny cuts around the opening. They seem more like something caused by the friction of sex, as there are very tiny bumps, slightly raised, and slightly white-colored, and they only sting when I'm poking and prodding down there.

My question is: is this normal? We do have very rough sex on a regular basis, and lubricant is not always handy. I'm just terrified that this is an STD, even though it doesn't hurt or itch unless I'm poking at it, and there is no odd discharge or smell. I think I may just be psyching myself out, but I'm curious to know if anyone understands what I'm talking about.

Any comments or advice are much appreciated.
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Oh goodness, I may only be a teenager , and I may be a virgin, but please get this checked it sounds like herpes D but then gain it might just be irritation. Maybe take a break with sex for a while, or be very gentle with yourself. Lube whenever. =] take care
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First, I would try to minimize the amount of poking and messing with the area. That tissue is actually quite fragile. I've had small tears in the skin there several times. They take a little while to heal. And personally I wouldn't put anything down there, including Neosporin. I know it's to help the pain, but Neosporin is not meant to go there. I would ask your dr if he thinks you need to use anything. My OB/GYN always just had me rest the area for a few days and it healed fine.

The little white bumps are concerning. Not sure if they could be something due to friction from sex. (maybe even irritation from Neosporin?) It's probably not an STD either, but to rule out that it's an STD, I would say you have to go to a dr and be checked out thoroughly. It's important, because if it is an STD, you need to treat it right away. Good luck!
When you had a tear was it visible? I feel like I have a small tear on the inside is this possible?
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Unless herpes has changed since I was in health class, I definitely don't think it's herpes. The white bumps remind me more of when I bite the inside of my cheek on accident and the disconnected skin turns white as it dies. There's no pus, no discharge, no other itching or pain other than the original cut. The smaller abrasions don't hurt or itch much at all, actually. If anything, they feel sort of like an indian rug burn gone wrong, but healing, which is why I'm thinking it's just from the friction of sex. However, that's sort of why I've been checking down there so often. I've had cysts before, and I have had cold sores, so I check just in case, but there are no open sores-- just the slowly healing cut. Which very much feels and looks like a cut, not a blister or a sore.

There is no pain during urination, the surrounding skin is not red, irritated, or sensitive, and it doesn't tingle. The inside of the vagina is not itchy or painful at all. And none of the abrasions have gotten crusty or scabby... The larger cut has sort of healed itself back together like an immediate scar, but has not reopened.

To Sherri: I hadn't thought about the Neosporin being an irritant, but now that it's been brought to my attention, I think you may be right. I didn't use any last night, and I won't use anymore and see if that helps. I took a hot bath last night, also, which definitely soothed the pain, whereas when I first noticed the cut, hot water really made it sting, so I think that's a good sign.

I've told myself if it doesn't heal/stop hurting to the touch after another week, I'll have it checked out. That sets me at payday, too, so I'll be golden. I'm pretty sure it's just my brain and my prodding fingers that are making things worse, but I've always been paranoid about sex.

Thank you both for the input and support. Number one plan of action: I haven't had sex for four days. I think that above all else is definitely helping. :) Thanks again.
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Good call on holding off on intercourse for a few days! I hate waiting, too! But it's so much worse when you don't wait. Just prolongs feeling bad! :) Re: the Neosporin, that info came from my personal experience. :) It was either me putting it on myself or a bf putting it on his penis. But whichever it was, it didn't go well. That's all I remember.

The problems with the tiny cuts or "tears" in the skin down there came during a time when I was having trouble with lubrication. Had some weird hormonal issues and had a bunch of hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Thank God that problem is gone!

Good luck! Hope after it heals that you don't ever have anything like that happen again!
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I have a cut on my labia minora on the right side near the clitiros hood. Well On march 29th I noticed the cut and it stung when I went to bathroom and it itches like crazy. But on march 27th I had sex and we used a condom but I got dry really quick but he kept going. Then on march 28th I masterbated and after I masterbated I notice the cut and I freaked out and when I went to the bathroom it stung like crazy!!! And it itches. (When I masterbated I got dry but kept going. Then it was like that for 3 weeks. Then I found out that I had a UTI. So after the antibiotics were gone I was ok. No itching or burning or nothing. But the cut still remained. I masturbated three days in a row (yeah I know a lot) and now it's irritating. It doesn't itch or burn it's just uncomfortable. I have a picture of it on my phone. I want to show you it but idk lol because it is a picture of my vag lmao. Is it herpes?
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