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Cut on Labia Minora

Recently I shaved the jungle down under and I think I literally sliced parts of my labia minora and clitoris.  The cut my labia minora is about a inch and a half long. The cut on my clitoris is much smaller, it seems to be on the hood of the clitoris and just to the lower left. How ever, its been about a week since the incident and the cuts aren't getting better.  Its very painfully when I urinate or more the areas around. Is there some home treatment I can do or should I see a doctor? Is it possible that these aren't even cuts but something more serious like an STD?
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Without knowing your sexual history, answering it to be an STD is difficult.
From what you have mentioned though, it is highly likely you have nicked the labia and hood. It will be painful when you urinate as pee has ammonia in it, think of bleach!

  If it isn't red or hot, it will heal up by itself. If you can keep the area very dry it will heal faster.  It will take a few more days to heal.

Next time be more careful! LOL
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Thanks! I hope your advice works.
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hey there l was reading your post and l had done something similar to this two years ago it didnt heal by itself and l ended up having pain and itching with it so l ended up going to the dr. and and i ended up having a staff infection from the cut..so dont mess with it go and get it checked out is my advice. Hope this helps!!
Good luck :~)
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i am 14 years old and while shaving/cutting with sicors,my vaginal hair i seriosly cut my clitoris.
it's been a year, and its not hurting, or irataitng, or anything...but it hasnt healed...
should i be worried?
should i see a doc?
this deeply concerns me!
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A&D ointment works very well and very quickly. Yes it is a diaper rash ointment so intended to work in a moist environment . Best of luck to you. Oh yeah the original one with yellow and brown lettering on the tube is what I use.
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