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Around 3 years ago I was experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods.  It was sometimes just spotting, other times is was fairly heavy (often with small clots) and would persist for about 4 to 5 days mid-cycle.  During this time, my periods would then be really light or really heavy.  I could never be sure.  I went to several doctors, who all tried to prescribe birth control pills to "regulate" me.  This caused a variety of problems, including even heavier bleeding all month long and also nervousness and heart palpitations.

I finally found a doctor who was concerned enough about my symptoms, that she did a D&C.  The results from that were fine.  Nothing unusual.

After the D&C, I bled pretty heavily for the next two months during my cycle.  But what was odd is that my mid-month spotting stopped.  After that two months, my cycles seemed to regulate and all was fine.

Recently, I noticed some light spotting again between my periods.  Usually heavier after sex or going to the restroom.  I was on vacation and thought I was going to die a couple of months ago.  My period was so heavy.  I was passing HUGE clots and lots and lots of blood.  I was on a 5-hour flight and embarassingly soiled my clothes even though I had on a super absorbent tampon and 2 extra absorbent maxi-pads.  I was changing every 30 minutes, but couldn't avoid the accident because I was bleeding so heavily.

Now my spotting is increasing and it seems like I've been spotting all month long.  Thought my period had started again just on Sunday, but now it's stopped and it never was more than very light spotting.  

I am 42-years old.  Never really been on the pill (my husband has a vasectomy) and I've never had any children.  Even though my D&C was okay a few years back, should I be worried that my new symptoms are now something serious?
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Go see your gynecologist.  That kind of bleeding is not normal.  Good luck!
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I had the same problem about 2 years ago with the heavy bleeding. I went to the emergency room and they put me on Meds and Birth Control. After a while the Birth control got so bad I had to go off it (mood swings).  So I was having heavy long periods with abnormal bleeding imbetween. Turns out 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had a D and C but that doesn't take care of it all. I had to have a laperoscopy. I hope you have gone to your Dr. and refuse to let them just put you on Medication! They should do ultrasounds and anything they can to actually diagnose the issue and not just mask the symptoms by putting you on Meds.
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