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Dark brown bloody discharge for a week before period?

I'm 39 years old my cycle started October 14th.  On the 5th of November I had some dark brown bloody discharge thought it could be the start of my period but realized it was too soon.  Thought possibly implantation blood however I am going on 7 days and it is only when I wipe nothing in my underwear.  Could this also be the start of menopause?
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Hi.  You seem really young for menopause.  :>)  (that's a good thing!).  I'd be more inclined to think you may have a hormonal imbalance.  A big one that causes spotting like this is too much progesterone production.  I was having all sorts of period issues and my ob/gyn did blood work on me.  Found out I was making too much estrogen naturally.  My symptoms were opposite of yours, no periods.  But my sister had similar to what you describe and she had too much natural progesterone.  Of course, y0u do want to rule out pregnancy.  (I also had a baby when I was 39!) Menopause is different for everyone but the most common pattern is extremely heavy periods, like 911 triple homicide periods for a good while (years) that then get further and further apart.  I'd see your doctor and get your hormones checked.  
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