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Depo Provera Experience

I was searching google when I found this website.

I am referring to "KNeal" who posted on 7/21/07 "passing (3*2) sheets of tissue during menstruation, not clots". Also two other women posted with similar stories, "ericahts" on 7/31 and "colady123" on 9/18

First of all, in the hopes I will get some kind of expert opinion, or other feedback here, let me explain what happened. I am 22 today. In 2003, I was 17 going on 18.

in the springtime, I was leaving home and I recieved my first Depo shot from the family doctor. (She explained to me depo was short term; i.e. two years).
(Planned parenthood later explained at age 19 that Depo is safe for more than 2 years, "just take calcium/ d suppliments")
That summer I started going to Planned Parenthood. I do not remember exactly when but I am sure it was June or July (still age 17) when this happened to me. The previous night I did have sexual intercourse and when I woke up the next morning, I felt "wet" and had bad cramps, so I hurried into the bathroom thinking I'd gotten my period overnight. I had severe cramps and it felt very painful; I could feel something sort of fall out of my vagina, or discharge. To my shock and amazement, I found what appeared to be a peice of flesh in my underpants. I picked it up with my hand, it was about as long as my index finger to thumb. I was horrified and disgusted. It was not a large blood clot because it was not blood. I flushed it down the toilet and went to Planned parenthood to tell them what happened. Well, needless to say, I should not have flushed it. The "nurse practitioner" said it must have been the condom my partner used the night before. The best explaination she could come up with was that I somehow did not notice that he put one on, then it fell off and he somehow did not notice that the condom magically disappeared. (it was NOT a condom)
Anyway, like I said this was 03, so I think after that I was told I had pelvic inflammatory desease, and I think I even went to the local hospital to have them check for "cysts" on my ovaries. I did not (and as a side note, this was not a cyst either).
So I have been moderatly healthy since then, for a woman with no health insurance anyway. I have continued the Depo shot for four and a half years now. I missed the last dose in late September because of the flu. So now I have to wait until Nov 2 for my appoinment at planned parenthood. I have been having my period for about three weeks now. I had not been having my period at all while on the shot. My guts are in severe pain. In fact I have been having many sympotms associated with Depo for a long time. Unexplainable headaches. Stomache pain. Anxiety and depression. Acne (Im 22!). I actually went to the hospital recently because of severe stomache pain and they told me I have irritable bowel syndrom. They gave me medicine that made my stomache hurt worse. They sent me a bill for nearly 1,500 dollars.

This thing happened over four years ago and has never been resolved.
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I understand you don't have health insurance but, if you're having so many problems with the drug why are you still on it?

My health insurance doesn't cover any birth control and planned parenthood gave me a huge variety of BC options from pills, shots, patches, IUD's and one you can put under your skin your arm. I would get off the shot entirely and make him wear a rubber while you give your body a couple of months to breath and find a new form of BC that's better for you.

I'm sorry if I sound catty to you. I'm not trying to be trust me. It just frustrates me when I read about women suffering from their BC so much yet they're on the same thing for years and are dealing with it because their doctor told them it was for the best. Remember the doctor serves you and women need to be firmer about that.
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I know how it sounds, but what I was trying to say is that I never realized that these symptoms could be related to my birth control. I usually associate them with my circumstances.
To clarify, my period went away within the first year of taking Depo. I always liked not having to deal with it, and I didnt expect to have a period going on more than three weeks because I missed my shot.
I know there are other options but Depo seemed like the best choice based on the informatin I had at the time.
Only recently have I found new information.
When this happened back in 2003, I was tod I had PID, but there was no mention of a possible link to Depo.
Therefore I did not consider changing it. As they say if it aint broke dont fix it.
There is not much you can do when the doctor doesnt even believe you now what you are talking about.
And it didnt just come outa no where.
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Oh and the situation with the IBS, I should point out that DepoProvera was not taken into consideration there either.
For me, it seems the symptoms are so broad they are hard to associate.
And it becomes more obvious after missing a dose.

Also symptoms such as chronic pain and anxiety are not usually taken seriously by most doctors. Correct me if Im wrong but a doctor seeing an uninsured 19 or 21 year old poor female for so called "pain", doesnt give a ****.

Unextraordinary patients recieve unextraordinary care.
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"and it felt very painful; I could feel something sort of fall out of my vagina, or discharge. To my shock and amazement, I found what appeared to be a peice of flesh in my underpants"

i just started depo and this happend to me too. it was pink and redish. i know it was not blood. it was fleshy. dose anyone know what it could be. i am afraid.
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This isnt some kind of joke. I was scared when that happend in 2003 like jenn is scared now. I have missed my last shot and i have been having bleeding and spotting and pain for five straight weeks. I am so tired of it and I am tired; I feel crummy. Could I be pregnant? I have an appointment with planned parenthood next tuesday but waiting is so stressful. If im pregnant I need to know now!!!
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