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Depo Provera almost killed my 18 year old daughter!

My 18 year old daughter has been healthy her entire life. In December 2013, our family doctor suggested she have the Depo Provera for birth control and to regulate her heavy menses. Mid January she came down with viral like symptoms (aches, pains, fevers, fatigue). This led to severe pelvic pain and pain in her bottom. On 2/22/14, I rushed her to the ER. They said her colon, bladder & intestines were swollen and inflamed. Her colon in fact was close to rupturing. She was admitted, and underwent biopsies which caused her bladder to perforate. After 6 days in the hospital she came home today with a catheter and a hematocrit of 27 (it was 23). She suffered a severe infection and internal bleeding. Diagnosis is "Inflammatory Pelvic Disease". I swear this shot almost killed my daughter! Women need to be educated on the dangers of this shot. I would love to hold the makers accountable for the pain and suffering my daughter endured! :(
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Hi I'm also 18 and I recently took the depo shot my last cycle was November 3 2013and now I am having all of my symptoms  and also spoting for two months now but no cycle. Everyday My symptoms intensifies
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I'm sorry to hear this. I was on depo provera for years without incident. It worked very well for me to control my endometriosis. It is risky to get that injection since it lasts in your body for 3 months should someone have issues such as your daughters. I am sorry she had to go thru this but glad to hear she is recovering and finally home.
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