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Depo Provera injection

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I've been on the depro provera injection for almost 10 years. I started it when I was 18 years old as the pill never suited me. I've been warned recently by my doctor that i should think about coming off it as I may be prone to oestheoartritis in the future. I've never had any problems with the depo injection despite how long I've been on it and I'd really like to stay on it for another few years until I feel that I want to start a family.

My main questions are; Are there any other ladies out there who have been on the depo injection for the same length of time as myself and if so have they been warned to cease taking it even if they never had any problems while taking it.

I realise that there are a great variety of other contraceptives available now that I could consider but I really hate the thoughts of changing from the depo injection when it has suited me for all those years...

Any advice from the ladies out there would be greatly appreciated,
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Although I've never been on the depo for 10 years I was told by my doctor to only use the depo for 1-2 years the most, it does cause bone loss. I was on it before for 3 years and just went back on 2 months ago. It is the only birth control I like. I'm surprised you doctor didn't mention the effects the depo can have when on it for long period of time. Well I wish you the best in making you decision about birth control
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Thanks very much for your comment. I am surprised myself that it has taken until now for the doctor to be concerned. I suppose I have to listen to the research that has been done on the injection and try find an alternative as soon as I can.
Thanks again Jizi
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no problem..i wasn't told much about it when i was younger either, i did some reading on my own and brought it to my doctors attention when i decided to go back on. Anyway take care
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