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Depo Provera

I have been on Depo Provera for 13 years. I have not had a period in probably 10 years or longer. I got the flu and started taking flu medicine and two days later all of the sudden - a period. I am freaking out. What would cause a sudden period after such a long absence? I want it to go away NOW. Did the flu medicine kill my depo shot?
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I don't think so.  I was on DP for a long time and sometimes when I got sick  (I don't know if it was the illness or the medicine) I would have a period.  I freaked out- I hadn't had one in a long time, but a friend who has been on it for nearly 8 years told me that it's happened to her in the past.
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I have been on Depo for about 3 years to stop my cycles.  My periods were so bad I would have to go to the hospital.  When I first got the shot, I gained a lot of weight.  Then my body got use to it and I lost the weight, stopped my periods, and have not been ill.  The past year I have gained weight again.  I started to eat a lot of junk and thought that was it, but I look pregnant.  Which I am not.  I am huge and it is making me depressed! I don't know exactly what is causing it.  Maybe my thyroid, eating junk, not exercising, and I am on medication that sometimes causes weight gain or loss (not proven though). I was given the option to go on Micronor (progestin pill).  I have done research on that pill and the side effects are mainly the same.  People have reported weight gain as well.  I have just heard horrible things from people on depo for a long time, but I love it (except the weight issue).  Since you have been on depo for a long time, what would you do?  Do you think the pros outweight the cons in my situation?  Is it possible to loose the weight?  Why did I gain weight, loose it, and it came back?  Am I just eating junk and not exercising?  Do you think the weight could be lost with a better diet and excercise?  What would you do in my situation?
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