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Depo is killing me! What can be done about it?

As great as it was to have no periods, I regret using depo as it has done reputable permantent chaos to my body/mind over that last 10 years. I bled at age 9 to the point of wanting to just lay there and die in agony. I missed school constantly and was sick to the point of being bed ridden practically every month. I bled back to back or skipped cycles often. Bleeding was heavy and lasted from 7 days to 32 days. For the first five years I tried several birth control brands and strengths which did nothing almost. I went on the Depo at age 14 and was not given the injection on the proper stage of my ovulation cycle. I bled for at least six months straight from heavy to medium with very few light days. I was a complete nuclear time bomb emotioally. I cried steady, was angry and easily frustrated, had severe irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, fatigue, weakened immune system, Acid Reflux accompanied with flatulence, lethargy, dizziness, panic attacks, loss of libido, skin sensitivities, ear aches/headaches, spot fevers, weight gain, that totally altered my lifestyle. I lost friends and relationships, my family members because I could not stop or help it. And then there was no suspicion of depo being the root problem. Once the bleeding stopped the frequency of the symptoms decreased but continued. I was 145lbs when I began treatment of Depo, and gained anywhere from 5lbs + up nearing 20lbs with every injection administered. I suffered debilitating acid reflux by the time I was about 18 years old but didn't get proper care and treament until 2008. My original family doctor disregarded my complaints of severe stomach burning after only trying two antacid brands and sulftate tablets.  I got a gastroscopy once that came back with no ulcers showing. I was not symptomatic the day I got it done though. The Doc told me that there is nothing wrong with me I'm just doing it for attention basically, and that my severe mental episodes are nothing to worry about. I was told that I gained weight because I am just overeating and nothing more, and that my stomach could be sore because I am too fat and the fat is putting too much pressure on the stomach. I then was told that when I lose 60 or more lbs we can then talk about my sore stomach. I explained that I have put serious effort in weight loss and asked for a weight loss plan that can be suggested. I was then told to starve myself and only eat one boiled egg a day and not the yoke if I can help it!! Never once did Depo be said to be a possibility of Acid REflux throughout my time using it. I left my doctors care from that day and got a new one. I have been cared for by a new doctor for the last couple years now and have been treated continuous for chronic yeast/urinary tract infections, chronic throat infections, chronic bacterial skin infections with several anibiotics and antifungals having no sucess. I was in the walk in clinic almost every week for months desperate for some answers. Several doctors have dealt with me and all seem to have just guessed what they figure I have going on and each has prescribed anibiotics and anifungals as a solution. I have had a yeast infection nonstop for about 3 years in conjunction with periodic urinary tract infections, I also have had biweekly to bimonthly chronic throat infections both on and around the tonsils (white stones) and major swelling causing pressure on my ears to the point of frequent ear aches for eight months along with forever surfacing blister type fluid filled lesions to join the other two types of infections.  The lesions are the latest major symptom of my traumatizing experience as a depo provera 150mg victim. The lesions have spread covering a significant area. The wounds heal turtle slow leaving very dark purplish dots about the size of a small pea. Many of those scars have reblistered repeatedly at random and every time they do the scars get worse. I now have all three of these chronic infections so often and severe that  I have been robbed if intimacy with my partner physically and emotionally. I got off depo three times to try other alternatives--the patch, and the Marina IUD. The patch did not stop the bleeding and the Marina caused red zone aggression and aggrivation with overwhelming irritibility. The Marina was implanted when I went in for a leep operation to remove abnormal cervical cells. There was continuous steady pain in the right side of my uterus the whole time it was in and the pain intensified with sex and any lifting. I could not lay on my right side at all or it would be more painful. I gained 17 lbs in the first month of getting the Marina and still more yet a couple months after. The severe anger tendency did not reduce and my relationship was in jeopardy. I got it removed and jumped right back to the Depo again and got two more injections. I missed the shot in summer 2008 by 2 1/2 months because I was out of the country . Passed due and in that short time I dropped a tad over 20 lbs rapidly by the 4-5th week of missing the scheduled injection. I returned and got another depo shot because I had a debilitating period while I was away from home. It was one of the most painful bleeds I had ever had, even thought it was only a week and a bit that I bled it was a fountain of thick flow and cramps. The pain I felt was the same intenseness I felt when I had the LEEP. So I reluctantly kept getting the depo shot. I reached the point last fall 2009 when I surrendered to the idea that 'no periods' are not worth the health deterioration and adverse effects caused by the Depo hormone tri-montly injections over the years. I have evident degenerative bone disease in phase two as of last year in my spinal chord and neck. I have permantent numbness in my left leg and both feet have several toes that go numb, as well as a spot between my shoulder blades.
My hands and feet are forever feeling frozen with little periods of relief. The acid reflux developed over the years so bad from not being properly and professionally diagnosed it went it should have been. I am prescribed Nexium 40 mg twice a day after my new doctor tried a prior Prevacid dose for a year proving unsuccessful. I have actually lost jobs because of the severity of an acid attack while on shift in the past. My diet is rediculously limited by the disease and with the infections I also have to watch a lot of food types in an attempt to starve out yeast. I had treated with Monistat and Canesten on a day by day basis for the first year of the chronic yeast occurances, by the second year they gradually rendered uselss. I was told by to doctors at the clinic that yeast can mutate to a strain that can withstand the antifungal used to treat it.  I have had repeated break downs and feel hoplessness is a word I am intimate with now. I continue to research on my own in a desperate attempt to get well again. I have been having periods since around Jan/feb of this 2010; the bleeding extended 3 months continuous when I did finally get the first bleed I've had in ten years and I'm telling you it nearly killed me I'm sure. Once it stopped I have had a period monthly for passed eight months with one skipped cycle and one back to back cycle.
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the depo is horrible... i am on my 3rd injection of it and i always feel like dooky
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I don't know if you will get this message or not, but it's been 3 years since you posted this and I'm wondering how things are for you now.  

I have also had a nightmare with Depo (been on it since about 2000) and just found out that it is likely the cause of numbness I have had in my left fingers/hand/arm for the past 4 years.  I was wondering if you ever got any of the feeling back in your leg/toes and how you are feeling overall now?

I had my last Depo injection Dec. 13/13 and am due for one in a couple weeks.  I will NOT be getting another injection EVER, but am looking for some hope at the end of this ugly nightmare.

Sue Laboo
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