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Hey everybody! well I haven't posted in quite a while here, I just had some questions, Im doubting myself with, I think I have depression but I deny myself to believe it, have been feeling worthless and sad for so long, it comes and goes, the feeling of wanting to cry for no reason and I can't help it, my life is going great and I can see it! it's awesome nothing else I could ask for but I can't help feeling sad and wanting to cry all day for no reason, my bf doesn't undertsand me and it's getting frustrated, he ask me if I thought I had depression proiblems? he would take me to get help, he loves me tod eath and I undertand his frustration. I thought this all was because of the pills, but I left them I was feeling great and now it's all back again, I feel so anxious, Im only 19 in a stable and happy relationship, wishing to get preg . and married and everything a girl dreams with...and I know is not the right time now but then feel anxious about it to the point of getting sad crying and it affects me in my everyday life and my loved one. it affects my worklife, my daily life. what's my next step? you take this to a doc...I go to the health dep...should I just go there and tell them about it, I wanna see a professional, somebody that can understand and help me. I can't help myself with this feeling anymore. Thank you to all replies that too the time to read such a long post! =)
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If you think u have depression, I would go see a doctor (family doctor) and tell them u think u have depression, they'll ask a few questions.. and they'll give a prescription..
Please take care and keep us updated:)
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I am sorry you are so sad. Sometimes our lives can be overwhelming and to others perfect. What pills were you taking? What were they for? Sometimes some medications have side effects for a long time after and also depending on how you stopped taking them. The contraceptive pill can cause depression as well or just plain hormones out of whack. As you said that you can't stop crying you may need to see a doctor and try anti deppressants for a short while which isn't great I know but you need to dry up those tears. Try get into a daily routine and keep yourself busy.  You know there are other girls here who are trying to have a child as well and sometimes I am sure they get down as hell. You are reaching out now so it is good and maybe too you can help others here by just listening to their problems there are a lot here in the same boat  We can all help each other. Say to yourself enough is enough and wipe those tears away. Everyday is new day and the sun always shines. Everybody is shining star even when you don't think so. hugs and take good care! The world is a better place with you here.
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Thank you so much for your posts girls! thank you for your words rusalka! ...I tried denying depression to myself but I think I finally believe when I get to the point that I can't control my emotions and I can't stabnd it anymore I want to be happy again..like I said everything is going great in my life, there's no reason to feel this way but I do. yeap my biggest dream marriage and babies, as much as I feel Im ready we are not financially and sometimes I udnerstand so perfect and sometimes it gets the worse out of me, cry sadness and anxiety that affects him too and he doesn't understand, the pills I was talking about were BC pills they got me bad, so I quit and I was feeling great but now all back again and Im not taking anything besides vitamins everyday. I was trying to make myself feel better, I didn't wanna see anybody and just be me alone, didn't wanna see any friends but I still did, still I don't want to be alone and Im being very needy with my bf...I feel bad he has to stand by me with all this, I feel like Im being a burden to him so I really hope I can get some help so we'll be better, and I'll relationship will be back to being when I was all smiley all the time! =)  I'll get a docs appointment.have tomorrow and next day off I'll keep you informed, thanks so much again...first step! getting help =D
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Go girl!!!! Hey you don't need so much money to marry or to have a kid either. You just need a massive amount of love and some good lovemaking on the right days. Friends and family can help out. Don't let money get in the way of the important things in life. My first wedding cost a lot of money and my second and last nothing much and we have been at it for 10 years in love for 13.  Some people wait till they have money and then it is too late for the kids.

mmmm! BC.  Bc and I was climbing trees. I cant and couldn't take any for they depressed me and made me agro. If you take meds always check the side effects.

Affirmation about money: This has worked for me all my life. I hope it works for you

I will always have more than enough money to do what I love in life. The universe will provide.
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I understand, but to tell you the truth. I work with 3-6 year olds and toys and clothes don't mean a thing to them. Only their parents time and love. They are rich kids but that is all they want. Do let your boyfriend finish school. You too. You will love being a vet nurse!!! Don't look at now as a waiting time. Enjoy each other as though you only have today as when those kids come pouring in your hands will be full. Life can be hard but it is easier when you smile through it. Enjoy being young and free in heart with each other. Remember when you were a little girl and you fell over you and scraped your knee you just picked yourself up and brushed the dirt away and ran and played. It is life. Go play!
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Thank you for your words! just gotta say over and over again Thank you! you say beautiful words that could make anybody feel awesome =)  they helped me! definetely...I used to work in a daycare with 1yr old toddlers...boy I loved that job! not good pay though...ya I guess don't look at it as waiting time, my bf always tells me think of it want babies but look at it happy like it will happen and it will be awesome don't get sad because things can't happen now, he told me when it happens later it will be much better than if it had happen as this time! and I believe it! it's just hard to control girl's emotions sometimes !
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Children are amazing they always come up with something that you're not expecting or with words so wise not even an adult could think of! unique little minds =)  Thank you again and I'll let you know how things go here, I'll get an app. to the doc either tomorrow or next day I have off to get these mixed up emotions fixed and feel happy again! =D
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Depression should NOT be taken lightly.  You are very young to be having such sad feelings on such a frequent basis.  Is there NOTHING that you can attribute those feelings to?  If you honestly believe that your life is going well, than I highly recommend going to see a therapist.  It REALLY helps. I saw a therapist from the beginning of my college years up until recently (over 6 years), and you would be amazed how much you will learn about yourself.  You are still young and have your entire beautiful life to look forward to, take control of your future now!! Wish u luck!
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Thank you for your words Rusalka, I had bad experiences with bc too tried like three and didn't get any better, we decided to quite them, hre asked me to hated to see me sad all the time and nauceas! oh nauceas! really bad...right now we don't use any pills, goodbye homones, as for marriage and kids you are right, I think of it the same way, that we could make it, but it's not the time =/  Im only 19, he's 20 we have time, and as much as my clock is ticking I can wait sometimes it just gets me with anxiety and can't help it.  we know we want to, but I know he as much as our financially situation are not readty, he still goes to school with a good job, and I start school for vet assistant in august! I know long time from here...soemtimes I think I have to wait all this time to finish school...like year or maybe too to finally get what I desire for, this is what brings me down, I don't want to wait s long but I have to understand it's not only about me but about him too. he wants everything to be perfect, we both had rough childhoods and he sayd he wants to have and be able to give his child what he didn't have.  I love that about him I just wished sometimes things could be done faster or maybe I was more patient... ='(
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Yeh I know. It really is an overwhelming emotion too! It is great you have a good man who is very wise but young and needs to play too! Man get overwhelmed too usually it is about money and their girls. He really wants a good life for you both. Don't worry I have fallen over many times too and still don't have a lot of money but more than enough and I still like to play. I learn a lot from the children that's why I teach them. They are so worldly. One said the other day you can fix paper with sticky tape but you can't fix a heart and if the sky falls down well only god can fix that. Wow! from a five year old. You could do some babysitting, or after school care if you had time. It will take your mind off things also give you some more experience when your turn comes. Take care! I have to sleep no so rainbow dreams to you and as the girls say here. Lots of baby dust!!!
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Thank you so much for your comment! I will look for help, Im calling the doc tomorrow =)  you're right I can't think of one thing really going bad in my life Im happy, but I still get depressed so often, cry without a reason and feels anxious a lot. Thank you for your words! I'll keep you guys updated =)
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