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Diagnosed with PCOS today

It turns out that what I thought was negative side effects of the birth control shot are polycystic ovary syndrome. My diagnosis was made on the grounds that I haven't had a period in 7+ months and they saw cysts on ultrasound. However, they didn't note the size of the cysts, and my doctor said that means they are VERY small. I have multiples on each ovary. I was put on birth control pills to fix it.

My questions: Will it get worse? If it does will I have to have my ovaries removed? Will it take me years and years to concieve once I decide to have children? Will I have miscarriages if I am able to conceive? Does PCOS ever go away? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just terribly worried.

I'm 18 years old, and when I was 15 I had a baby girl that I placed for adoption. She was born 3 months premature, and I had alot of time to bond with her while I made my decision. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. At the time I kept saying to myself, "Oh my god, what if something goes wrong and this is the only baby I'm ever able to have, and I give her away?". This is my ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE come true. I don't intend to have any children for at least 6 more years, but I will be devistated if I can never have another. If anyone has any good links related to my questions, or is willing to share their personal experience in trying to concieve with PCOS, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!
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Hi - I'm sorry you had to go through that when you were younger, but it sounds like you are a much more sensitive, mature and wiser person for your years because of it. You did what you had to do back then which was best for you and probably your baby and of course you have to live with that decision everyday...that's hard enough so I hope no one ever makes you feel bad. Don't be thinking that this is Karma or whatever for what you did when you were younger. Of course you would be devastated if you found out you couldn't have anymore children, but don't jump the gun just yet! As you said you are not ready to conceive a baby now anyway so the best thing to do is arm yourself with as much knowledge and other people's experience and support so that you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your future dreams - whatever they may be. Talk openly to your dr about long term effects but I believe that what will be will be. There are women on here that have conceived after having their tubes tied even! I'm sure with the right medication and research you will understand your future!
Thinking of you,
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Thanks! I understand this isn't karma, that would just be kind of silly. I'm just worried about how horrible it would feel to find out I could never have another child, and to give up the only biological child I would ever have. I'm very happy with the choice I made, it was an open adoption so I get updates on her, and I've spoken with her. She's very happy. Even if I could turn back the clock and change things, I wouldn't.

I guess I should rephrase my questions since I was a bit upset at the time... Is there anything I can do NOW and in the near future to increase my odds of being able to conceive in the future? I've also heard that fertility drugs are quite pricey... what's the average price of these drugs? Does insurance cover them? I know it's quite early to consider this, but I don't think my career plans involve having fantastic insurance benefits... if I know my realistic odds of actually needing the drugs, I'd like to open a separate savings account for that purpose. I'm optimistic, but I want children badly enough to make sure I can have the options I need when I need them.

I spoke openly with my doctor, and told her my concerns about potentially not being able to have another baby. All she had to offer me is, "I recently had a patient with PCOS and she has a 6 month old now". Thats one person! I'm very happy for them, but this doesn't help me much. Doctors just paint a pretty picture. I want to be realistic so I can plan accordingly. I know the odds are in my favor, and at some point I most likely will be able to conceive... I just want to know what might be in store for me later in life. Any links to website links with good facts, or personal stories would be very helpful. Thanks again.
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"You can get transient small ovarian cysts due to the Depo-Provera, but not generally clinically significant ones."

I was curious why my lack of periods began immediately after I discontinued the birth control shot. I decided to do a google search "depo cysts" and I've been reading quite a few stories about other women who had developed cysts after using the shot. Some had side effects years later... others took birth control pills and went back to normal.

I had blood labs done before my diagnosis of PCOS, I didn't have any abnormal levels of male hormones. My diagnosis was made based on the fact that I haven't had periods in 7+ months (I don't think it's a coincidence that it was right after I stopped getting the shots after 1 year of having them), and that I had cysts on an ultrasound. Note: these cysts were too insignificant for them to note the size or severity, they simply stated that they were there. I have not developed any of the "classic symptoms" of PCOS. Many women with cysts do not have PCOS.

I'm aware that ovarian cysts are not a noted side effect of depo shots, but I'm beginning to see a definate connection between the two. Depo stops the egg from releasing, which in theory, could cause these small, insignificant ovarian cysts. Am I crazy for considering this?! I'm not the only one who this has happened to. Anyone else see possibility behind this?
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Not sure if this will be of much help to you, but I was diagnosed with PCOS almost little while ago. I only found out as my husband and I were trying to conceive for 2yrs with no luck at all, which i was concerned about. After a few Dr appts it came back as PCOS being the reason and was told that we'd need to do IVF in order to conceive. We gave up after hearing that, but to our suprise found out we were pregnant about a month later - naturally! Im now 18wks with a healthy little girl, and have had no complications so far.
After this experience, I no longer have any worries about being able to have children, and dont think of PCOS as being a "disease" anymore.

Good luck with everything!  = )
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Wow kam, thats a great story! Grats to you!

I spoke to a doctor (a friends mother) and she said they really jumped the gun with my diagnosis. They don't rely on ultrasound as the sole criterion in diagnosing it. It takes much more than ultrasound evidence to diagnose such a thing. While theres a chance  I DO have it, theres also a good chance I DON'T.

Here's an interesting quote I found... "More than 20 percent of women can have polycystic appearing ovaries, but only a small proportion of them have true PCOS." And they diagnosed me based on 1 initial ultrasound? I can understand them doing so if they saw it on many ultrasounds over a period of time, but this is just kind of rediculous... I don't have a history of problems like this. I'm going to see a specialist. I'll post my results whenever I have them, good or bad. Thanks for your help everyone!
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