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Did he give me herpes?

I'm 21 years old, I had my one and only one night stand 2 weeks ago.  I felt symptoms so I went to the gyno, got tested and the results took forever.  So 10 days after intercourse I went to the ER. In the ER the dr. diagnosed me with genital herpes from appearance. 12 days after my test the gyno called and said it was HSV1.
Before I told the kid what he did to me and I was going through the symptoms, I asked if he had an STD.  He admitted to me that less than a month ago he had chlamydia and was treated.  
Once I got diagnosed I told the kid what he did to me.  3 days after I told him, he claimed he got a blood test and he was clean. So how do my results take weeks and his take less than 48 hours? Even if blood is quicker than a culture I think less than 48 hours in not believable.

I am not a sexually promiscuous girl.  That was only my 4th person, he was the first guy to perform oral on me, and I hadn't had sex for 10 months prior to him. The only time I ever had unprotected sex was 5 years ago with a boyfriend, and I never tested positive for an STD on any of my pap smears except the one I just took. During this sexual encounter the condom broke and he still tried to have sex with me so our genitals did touch and then once I realized he was trying to continue I ran out.  

I told my family the whole story and they are convinced it's this kid who did this to me and I am too, but I keep second guessing that what if he is actually telling the truth and not just trying to save his reputation.
So I never had HSV-1 symptoms before this and 2 days after I slept with him I started experiencing the OB.  

Does anyone think he could be telling the truth? Or are my symptoms and facts too strong and you think it must be him?
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