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Diet Pills

hello all...
i was wondering if any of you could recommend (or not recommend)a certain brand of diet pills that are good. typically, i do NOT like taking ANY type of pills and will even avoid basic asprin. desperate times here. i have always been thin, skinny and was even made fun of growing up being called "bones".
after the birth of my girl, the weight has stayed and i feel gross. i keep blaming my belly on my cesarian section and i can only use that excuse for so long. 5 yrs is pushing it!!! LOL!!
i am 5'4 about 138. i will admit, i do not eat healthy nor do i exercise. sometimes i will go on what they call a 3 day diet which has worked for me and is healthy, but i feel like i starve myself and get crabby. i have also been on slimfast but again, the same thing. i have never tried diet pills but am willing to at this time. i am not overly huge, just flabby in my belly.
any suggestions?????
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Well, you know the answer that makes the most sense is to tweak your diet a bit and start getting some exercise, even if it's just walking. If you want to target a certain area, you should get some cardio (like walking), and start doing crunches. In the long run, this is your best bet.

But, if you're not ready to commit to that, Phentermine (generic Adipex) has been around for a long time. It's just a short-term fix, though, not a long-term one.

I'm expecting to receive some "shame on you"'s for suggesting it, but you can order it online.
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i forgot to add....CHEAP diet pills. how much are they??? we have a whole foods store here and a GNC. can i get it there?
yeah, i KNOW all about diet and exercise but i have NO energy and i am lazy! LOL! my husband and girl are out running around  flying a kite and i am in here on the computer!!! SO BAD!!! ZZZZ
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No, these are a prescription medication...umm...I can't remember how much a month would cost, but no- they're not cheap. I think a one month supply would be around $40.00.

They are amphetamine-based, so you could probably start with 1/2 a tablet in the beginning. And your house will be super clean by the end of the month, too! :)
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Please take my advice about this. I felt the same way u did. I had 2 c- sections. I was so depressed. I started taking diet pills. yes, I lost a lot of weight, but I gained all of back and then some. I also suffer with seizures now. All due to vanity. I have to take medication that cost $600.00 a month. Just to keep me free of them. If I didn't have such good insurance now I wouldn't be able to afford it. Even with it it's $80.00 a month. Please, Please,please  don't. I started tae-boe. It's a lot of fun. Hard, but fun. It really works. I ought to get paid to advertise. Although I'm not a sexy mama yet, I'm working on it. I went from 150 to 125 in 4 months working out and eating what I wanted just putting it on a childrens plate. that way I don't eat so much. I eat a lot of sun flower seeds too. It keeps my snacking under control. Good luck!
ps I tell my kids it's luggage they left behind!
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There is also a great dvd out there called the 10 minute solution. It has 5 different types of workouts that you can either do one at a time or customize the order if you want to do more than one. It is awesome.

I agree with mslkpage's first comment, diet and exercise are the only real ways to lose weight and keep it off. Simple changes can make a world of difference. Things like cutting out sugary soda or juice, eating smaller frequent meals, getting out and walking, all great ways to help.

I am not going to lie, I have used some of the OTC diet meds in the past but the results are short lived. I have found the only real way is to overhaul my overall eating habits and fitness routine. Get your daughter involved in the workouts, my oldest is an excellent personal trainer and he also serves as a great 50 lbs weight,lol!!

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Oceans, at 5'4" and 138, you're not overweight. Start walking, and just go as far and as fast as you're able. It won't be long before that tummy will be gone.
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