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Difference between Endometriosis and Endometrioma?

Here's my timeline:
- C-section in July of 1995
- Found a mass in right lower abdomen approx. 2 1/2 yrs. ago; pain grew over time w/ mass
- Painful menstration and ovulation (HEAVY w/ bad cramps; worsening every cycle)
- Over the course of 2 years, saw family pract., internist, hernia specialist, ob/gyn, yada yada yada... Each passed me down the line to the next one with NO answers
- Visited several E.R.'s and had every test known to man, still NO answers. (Walk into a hospital and tell them you have a mass in your abdomen and they'll look at you like you're NUTS!!!)I was told in so many words that it was psychosis(sp?).
- Pain continued to worsen, bills and co-pay's stacked up and still nothing more than a horrible thing growing in my belly causing me grief!
- Went to E.R. for 100th time with severe pain and was lucky enough to be examined by a dr. who had seen my condition before; he diagnosed it as an endometrioma. He explained it to be a possible surgical error at the time of my c-section.
- Referred to general surgeon for surgery
- Right abdominal mass excised on 01/12/07; still haven't had much explained
- Today.... OUCH! I've been beaten with a steel pole! Or so it seems.
Any insight on my novel is very much appreciated. Is there a difference between endometriosis and endometrioma? Could this be a result of surgical error? What is my recovery time on this surgery? Am I still at risk of future complications, etc.... Please help!

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