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Discharge bleaches underwear

I have always had strong smelling vaginal discharge that regularly smells strongly of ammonia. Over the last year I have noticed that the discharge has begun to stain my underwear as if I have spilled bleach on them. I am 21 years old and this is worrying me! Has anyone else had these symptoms?
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I've always thought that the strong ammonia smell is urine. Could you be leaking some? Some people have a faulty valve in their urethra. Best wishes.
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I've read that an ammonia smell can also be a sign of a bacterial infection. Schedule an appointment with your obgyn and tell them your concerns. If it is BV, then that's fairly easy to cure.
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If it is BV, you need to be sure to be treated ... though it is easy to cure it can be serious if left untreated.  But it sounds to me more like the urethral valve letting some urine out.  You wouldn't know because it comes out at body temperature.  Good luck!
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HEY Boo u're not alone I've had this problem for awhile but no clue as to what causes it. ANY and EVERY part of undies with colored seats look as if i washed only the seats with bleach- didn't have an answer but came up with a clue wear panties with white cotton seats.
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Hiya yes we know all about it!!!  Shame when ya mates come and fold up ya washing ah!!!.  All my black Knickers look like they have been bleached. Me and me mate where just having this conversation and we thought that Semen did this to our undeware and was going to blame our hubbies and get them to reimburse us for all our stained knickers as they are not cheap!!!!. But it would seem that we are wrong and its us so we are bummed!!!!  its the disharge Girlfriend!!!!!!!!.  I am sticking to white knickers!!!!!!
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I have had a fishy or sometimes bad ammonia same smell for years and all tests from the Dr came back normal.  I stumbled on VH essentials Vaginal Odor Treatment.  It is a vaginal insert.  It comes in a pack of 6.  It says to use 1 daily, but I use a half one about every 5 days.   It gets rid of the smell completely.  Sometimes you may have to use a whole one, it just depends.  This has saved me from much embarrassment and I was always afraid of sex with my husband because of the smell.   Try it, you won't be disappointed.
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Same here! My black panties went from black liner, to a burnt red-brown, to a ivory/white, as if I've bleached them. So, one day, I went to my GYN and he said my results came back normal, and just prescribed me antibiotics. So after the antibiotics I was fine for a week, and then the acidic discharge came back staining my panties. So, being that I was an ItWorks distributor at that time, I decided to take our Greens powder in my water daily, and that worked! Since then, I'm with Total Life Changes now, taking their Techui and eating more vegetables to keep my pH normal, and drinking 70-80oz of water a day. So, with me, I believe that my sugar intake was extremely high, and my water intake was low, and I needed to eat more veggies. With those adjustments, NO MORE bleaching stains on my dark panties and BYE-BYE ammonia smell! Good luck ladies.
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Hi years ago this never happened I'm forty plus my mums knickers never stained mine started staining about 4 years ago funny enough following on from the comment on hubby's semen, when I met my partner...or could it just be material being used today ??
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Also my daughter is 18 she also has bleach stains? This says to me it has to be something else surly .More difinitive research is needed lol
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