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Do Fybrocystic Breasts last forever?

I have had extremely painful breasts and armpits lasting for about 2 weeks each month for the past 10 years (since I was 20- I am 30 now). It's ruining my life. I had to change my schedule so I only work part time now so that when I experience this intense pain for 2 weeks each month, I can deal better. My breasts get more than a full cup size bigger, the pain is unbelievable- they are extremely heavy and throbbing. There are huge hard lumps in my breasts and armpits that hurt like hell- it's HORRIBLE.

I asked a Dr. to PLEASE send me to a Gyno- I had to wait 8 months to see the Gyno, and because she was so busy when I finally went to her, all I got to say to her was my breasts are sore, and she interrupted me and said take vitamin C. And then she had to take her next patient. No Dr's I have gone to care, or take seriously the pain I am in and how it is ruining my life.

I have read so much about Fibrocystic Breasts, and I am sure that is what I have. I don't drink caffeine- never have, I am vegetarian and extremely healthy, I go running and do yoga 5 times a week (during the 2 weeks a month I am not immobilized by pain), and the other 2 weeks I still go about 3x a week, sometimes less if the pain is too much. I eat mostly organic and local foods, I meditate, I only use natural skin products. I am doing everything right, and I have been for a LONG time!!

I don't want to sound so dramatic but I feel like no one understands what I am going through, and I have no one to go to. I have seen a Naturopath, taken Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and nothing has worked. I have been taking Flax Oil, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil for the past 5 years.

Does anyone else have Fibrocystic Breasts to the point that it's ruining their life here? Does it ever go away?
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I have fibrocystic breasts. It's also known as fibrous breast density and can be felt as a lumpiness within the breast tissue. It's a lifelong condition... in that, you're born with it. And, according to my family physician, it's hereditary in nature. But, in my experience, it's never caused the kind of pain and discomfort that you describe. I do occasionally experience searing, jabbing pain and swollen breast sensitivity... but, that seems to be more consistent with monthly hormonal fluctuations associated with a menstrual cycle. At least, that's the way it's been with me.

Have your hormone levels been checked? Maybe, this is a hormonal imbalance issue.
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I had my hormone levels checked when I was seeing a Naturopath- about 5 years ago. There was a slight imbalance, but nothing alarming. I haven't had them checked since- I no longer see a Naturopath because they're really expensive, and I wasn't really feeling results! No Doctors will check anything on me when I go to see them- they always just dismiss it as being PMS, so take an advil and deal with it. (I had to beg for several years just to see a Gyno- ah!! the joys of Healthcare)- so I'm really on my own here.

I don't know if they do hormone tests here in Canada anyway- my Naturopath had to mail my saliva swabs to a lab in the US to get tested- as she said it's cheaper and faster there, even with the shipping. I don't think it's a very common practice to check hormone levels here, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info that it's a lifelong condition. It *****, but good to know! Mine is also associated with my menstrual cycle- I get pain from the day I start ovulating until a little after my period each month.

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