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Do I have an STD?? please help

Last week I had a one night stand after almost a year of sexual inactivity.  We used a condom, it broke and then he tried to continue so he did come in contact but I don't think there was full penetration.  Once I noticed him trying to take advantage of me I immediately left.
The next day I was feeling sore which I thought was due to the dryness of sex. And the itch came the next day.
The third day I called my dr, and he prescribed me diflucan. (I have been on the diflucan for 5 days and the itchyness has almost gone away)
The fourth day I was no better but I noticed a bad smell.
The fifth day I went to my gyno to get a vaginal culture.  I am waiting for the results still.
The sixth day I noticed the itchiness stopping. However I did notice little bumps inside the labia majora .
The seventh day, today, I am still in pain, and the bumps grew and are hard. There are at least 4 and some have white heads.  They are on the inside of the labia which I think may be putting pressure on my clit which gives me a feeling of like a needle pricking it. I don't know if that's from the bump though but that is the painful sensation I feel.

From last week until now i went from feeling pain --> itchiness and pain --> just itchiness --> noticed the bumps --> little itchiness, lots of pain, bumps

I appreciate all opinions.  I really would like to hear what anyone thinks this could be, an STD (which one), BV, or some other type of infection.
I think I head yeast but that was taken care with diflucan, Now my symptoms are:  pain, small amount of discharge, bad odor, bumps, sometimes burn when i pee, and anal burning from time to time.

I have been worried sick all week, and I won't get my results for another 2 days because of the weekend.  Please anyone have any insight?

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I suspect herpes.  

I have heard guys don't always know they have it because it can happen inside the urethra.  
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Based on the symptoms you describe, I would suspect gonorrhea or chlamydia, both of which are easily cleared up with antibiotics.  Herpes generally involves fluid filled blisters that crust over and reoccur due to being caused by a virus.  Both gonorrhea and chlamydia are often confused with yeast or bacterial infections of the vagina because of the foul odor and discharge.  Usually they take a little longer to develop, but it's possible that because of the stress of the situation you became symptomatic sooner because your immune system is a little stressed too.  The only other possibility that immediately comes to mind is scabies (mites) which condoms do not protect against.  The primary symptom, though, is small bumps and itching, particularly at night.  There are creams to clear up scabies within a couple of weeks.
Regardless, just try to relax, wait for your labs, as it sounds like something that will be cleared up with some antibiotics based on what you've described.  Just keep the area clean and dry, don't apply any lotions or creams to the area and don't pick at the bumps.  Good luck, honey, and I'm sorry that happened to you.
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I never wanted to select this as the best answer.
I have been neglected by my gyno for days crying to them that I know I have an STD and I have been ignored.  After suffering for 4 days I finally broke down and told my mom I thought I had an STD and she took me to the ER.  Your suspicion was correct and my life is forever different thanks to herpes.  I viewed your profile and saw that a lot of participants of the website thanked you for your accurate input.  You are very intelligent and I thank you for your input on my life too. I wish it was a different answer but still thank you for taking the time to read and answer my post.  This has been a hell of a week and day.
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